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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by jlcnuke, Feb 1, 2015.

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    So, first I bought a 30" MES.  Right out of the gate temp was reading way off.. no big deal, call MB and they sent me a new controller and heating element.  That worked absolutely fine.  However, the 30" was a bit small for me once I got into smoking so when my folks retired and moved out this way, I took it over there so I could smoke when I was there...err so they could use it....

    I replaced it with a 40" MES (1st Gen, controls on top back).  Since I already new temps could be an issue, I tested in first.  It read within 5 degrees of actual temp (measured with my calibrated Maverick.  Fast forward a couple months, and now my smoker is telling me it's at 275 when the actual smoker temp is barely reaching 200....

    Obviously I'll be calling MB again tomorrow, but has anyone experienced this before and if so what was the solution? 
  2. Check to see if the sensor is dirty.

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    I believe I may be having the same issue.  Where is the sensor located and how does one clean it?
  4. Look at the back wall between the 2nd and 3rd racks It looks like a toggle switch. The small flat one is your thermal overload. It is on the left the probe is on the right  I use a  vinegar and water mixture on a paper towel.    Jted
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  5. Did you have any luck?

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    Cleaned it and it went up to only be 50F under indicated temp... better, still not good.  I never cleaned it on my 30" and didn't have this problem though..
  7. It is one of those things that just happens. What is the max temp you can get?

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    I'm maxing out about 220 right now, but had to clean it in the middle of a smoke to get back to that.  Since I do turkey, chicken wings, etc at 275, that's not gonna work.
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    Masterbuilt Electric Smokers both in 30" and 40" models are notorious for false readings regarding temperature settings.  Your best bet is to use a calibrated alternate probe thermometer (there are several good ones on the market) and raise or lower the digital setting according to the probe.  I like to drop mine into the smoker via the top vent.   Also, as stated by the mule69 keep those sensors as clean as possible.

    Really solves the problem and does not make you crazy trying to guess what the temp is or should be.

    Happy Smoking,  John
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    I've posted this numerous times:

    Do not crowd any of the grill racks in the MES or other smokers.

    If you cover a rack with foil, foil pans, meat, or anything else that will stop the flow of heat, you will have problems.

    One of them could be that if you block a rack above the heat sensor, the food above that rack will not get hot, but the area below that rack will reach your set point, and shut the element down.

    If you block a rack below the sensor, the sensor will keep calling for heat, and the area below the blocked rack will keep getting hotter & hotter, and could cause an unsafe situation!!!

    The only thing I cover with foil is the floor (or drip pan if you're using it), my deflector plate, and my empty water pan.


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