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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by jsk53, Jun 18, 2014.

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    I made up a new batch of beef summer sausage and put it on the smoker this morning. I started out at 120 degrees for an hour then brought the smoker temp to 140 then 160 after a few hours. At the 12 hour mark, with the smoker staying between 160 and 170, the sausage IT got to 140 degrees, stayed there for an hour or so and then dropped to 136 and held there. Seems that over 12 hours is too long at 160-170 and I'm sure it's dried out too much. 

    Looking at the FSIS guide to safe cooking temps, it appears that if it reached 140 for 9 minutes, it should be safe. Am I reading that correctly? Thanks.
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    Do you have cure #1 or cure #2 mixed in the sausage..(depending on the recipe you used)..... if so, it perfectly good...
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    This time I used PS Seasonings Summer Sausage mix which includes their maple cure. I believe it uses Cure #1 in the mix. I was kind of going by the chart on the following link using the non intact chart.:

    The first batch I made a while back got to 154 degrees after about 12 hours. This time, for whatever reason it peaked at 140 degrees and after about 40 minutes, it traveled back to 138 and stayed there for over an hour. At that time, using the above chart, I pulled them and brought the IT down to 100 in cold water then bloomed for an hour and into the fridge.

    I'm fairly new to this and am a bit confused on the safe IT based on what I've read here on posts and the chart above which was sent from another post question I had on snack sticks.

    I appreciate any insight.  Thanks.

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