Smoking a Habit? or a way of Escape

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  1.                    I won't say I'm Addicted to it, but when I'm mad, sad or upset smoking meat  seems to sooth me. I can get lost in the comfort of know for thousands of years our forefathers cooked over an open flame. To take the Game or meat that they caught killed or clubbed seems to be invigorating. Maybe I'm just weird. It's like Mowing the lawn for me ... When I step outside and sit on that tractor and  start mowing I get lost in Gods Glory I feel like I'm in a world all my own communing with God.. Thats how I feel when I start that fire.. even before the meat is on the grate I feel as If God Himself is perched right there next to me looking ever so proud as if to say medium rare( well done)  my good and faithful servant . So I keep on keeping On..
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    Definitely an Escape for me! The Smoker throwing TBS, some Tunes and a 12 Pack of Cold Beer...All is then right with my world...JJ
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    I'll be right there with you Jimmy

    ESCAPE  ..

                                         .Here's how I feel about it

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