Sesame boneless-skinless chicken thighs on the #kamadojoe Big Joe

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  1. Today the wife was at work.  I wanted a simple dish to prepare for her when she arrived home.  I purchased a large package of boneless/skinless chicken thighs to make this dish with.  Butter was melted and poured into each of the ceramic on cast iron dishes.  Kamado Joe poultry seasonings were liberally sprinkled on the butter.  The skinless thighs were then rolled in the butter-seasoning mix.  Additional garlic and fresh cracked pepper was added.  A small amount of chicken broth was added to the bowl at this time.  The dishes were placed upon the Big Joe, which was set up indirect with apple wood for smoke.  The Joe was pre-heated to 350 degrees.  Temperature probes were set into the largest and smallest thighs.  When the thighs hit 140 degrees, the thick sesame sauces was drizzled over the chicken thighs, and the cook continued until the smallest piece was at about 174 degrees, and the largest was 167.  The dishes were pulled and Italian blend finely shredded cheese was sprinkled on top, and the dishes were allowed to rest for ten minutes.  Seasoned potato slices were cooked and French bread was sliced and coated with a seasoned butter. 

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    Looks great! I have never seen boneless skinless chix thighs in the store around here is it a speciality store you shop?
  3. They were (amazingly) found in the local Safeway as a bonus sized pack.  They seemed like a good starting point for a recipe, as thigh meat seems to cook up the most flavorful of available chicken cuts.
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    Yep , I like Thighs better myself , Trish don't , soooo , We get Breast [​IMG]  . Gota love them though. . .

    Hey , addertooth ,  your's  look Marvelous . I think I will do some Smoking tomorrow , all Chicken and two Fattes. (planned this weekend but got voted out by

    SHMBO . [​IMG]  )

    That Sesame Sauce looked nice and it had to be tasty, but them Taters and  that slice of French Bread ? with Butter and Garlic ?  Looked very inviting [​IMG]  .

    I hope mine looks  half as good[​IMG]  .

    I'm not going to Glaze mine as Trish and I dislike a sticky Chicken and We like the Meat to speak .[​IMG]

    Actually , I'll be doing BCC (2) and some Bone - in Breast . I made a couple of Fatties to do also , got some Vidalia Onions and Taters to put on to Caramelize

    and get yummy [​IMG]  .  I like to sometimes wrap slices of them with Butter S/P and wrap in Foil (ouch, it hurts to use that word ) and put on the Grill fr aout an

    hour thenstart my Burgers or whatever . I take them off With my  meal  and they are usually  nice and toasted Golden and all Sweet tasting with all the Butter

    soaked in them as they cooked .

    But, your's is so shiny looking and dripping with that Sesame looks worth getting messy eating them , with lots of Napkins [​IMG]

    Have a good Memorial Day and . . .

    How about that Bear [​IMG]
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