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    In an earlier thread, I made Sausage Cup Appetizers. I knew there would be a lot of different possibilities for fillings and I was having two friends over for drinks. It was time to try some different fillings. I got out some of my Passing Wind Estates Breakfast Sausage and Bulk Chorizo. I asked each of my guests to come up with a filling for a breakfast sausage cup and a chorizo sausage cup. I came up with one of each as well. I made four of each as an appetizer sampler plate.

    My breakfast sausage choice was scallops and cocktail sauce.

    I started by making a one inch ball of breakfast sausage. I formed it around my finger to make a small cup. I put a small scallop in each cup. I topped the cup with cocktail sauce and a square of bacon.

    My friend Bill's choice was water chestnuts and hoisin sauce. I made a cup of breakfast sausage and put two slices of water chestnut in the bottom and topped with hoisin and a slice of bacon.

    My friend Heather's choice for the breakfast sausage was a stuffing of mushrooms with cream cheese. I sauteed some sliced mushrooms and garlic. When they were getting soft, I added a splash of red wine and reduced it almost until the pan was dry. I put the mixture in the bottom of a sausage cup and topped it with a ball of chilled cream cheese and a square of bacon.

    For the Chorizo sausage, Heather chose a macaroni and cheese stuffing. I cooked a few pieces of elbow macaroni. I put a piece of Kraft Singles slice in the bottom of each cup. I put the macaroni on top of that and put a piece of extra old cheddar on that. All was covered with a square of bacon.

    Bill's choice for the chorizo was a pizza filling. I put a half of a cherry tomato in each cup and topped it with creamy herb cheese and a slice of bacon.

    My choice for the chorizo was old cheddar and honey. I put honey in each cup and topped it with extra old cheddar and bacon.

    All the sausage cups went on a perforated baking sheet and into the Bradley at 260 F over hickory smoke.

    I smoked them for about an hour. Here are the finished product.

    The Verdict

    These were all great. The scallops and cocktail sauce were great in the mild breakfast sausage. The crunch of the water chestnuts and the sweet of the hoisin were a good combination. The mushrooms and cream cheese were good without the cream cheese overpowering the mushrooms.

    The chorizo appetizers had the added feature of a bit of heat. I thought it would overpower the mac and cheese but it didn't The combination of Kraft slices and old cheddar gave a creaminess and a sharp cheese taste. The tomato and the creamy cheese in a spicy sausage was reminiscent of a pizza. The honey and cheddar was my favourite. The sweet when well with the spicy sausage.

    I had hoped to narrow the field but it is obvious I will always be struggling to pick the fillings!

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    What a great test !!! Sounds like you will be forced to repeat it..... fortunately......
  3. b-one

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    Nothing like a tasty experiment! They all sound tasty!
  4. disco

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    Yes, I will be forced to eat many more of these! Thanks, Dave.
    It was a lot of fun!
  5. floridasteve

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    Points for creativity!
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks tasty!
  7. crazymoon

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    Disco, nice ideas !
  8. waterinholebrew

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    Looks awesome Disco, nice & tasty way to change things up ! Thumbs Up
  9. disco

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    Har! Is that like an E for effort? Thanks for the point.
    They were, Case. Thanks.
    Thanks. Having your friends suggest fillings makes for some interesting combinations.
    Thanks, Justin.

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