Ribs n chops fir dinner

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bsncrew, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. I ain't never smoked chops before, but i imagine they're perty tasty. I'd like to try 'em w/ apple but alls i got is hickory.

    Marinaded in some balsamic vinagarette while the ribs get coating of brown sugar, chili pepper, onion powder n garlic powder.

    just over an hour into the smoke...
  2. swalker

    swalker Meat Mopper

    I think things are going to turn out great for you. I have a couple of thick pork chops covered with Jeff's naked rub right now, as we speak...I am fixin to add them to the smoker and give them a try. They were covered a couple of hours ago...I got some corn on the cob that is going in there too...I am gonna clean them up and spray with butter and salt...And some potatoes that will be fixed on the stove to go along with all this...Can't hardly wait.

    Sorry, not messing with pictures this time...Too Hungry...LOL..

    Enjoy your Supper.


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