Rennet Substitutes &/or Supliers?

Discussion in 'Cheese' started by d31ty, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. d31ty

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    does anyone know any rennet substitutes, or how to make rennet?

    cheese has been made forever, long before we could buy rennet, so how did they do it before they could just buy rennet?

    I read somewhere once that rennet comes from a cows stomach, any idea how its harvested?

    If I am raising & slaughtering cows, can I make my own rennet usable for making cheeses? anyone have any ideas on how?

    do they have to be milking cows, or any female cows, or any cows or bulls at all?

    also, i cant find rennet anywhere, i even went to cheese factories and couldnt find it.. anyone know a cheap supplier of commercial rennet, preferably in a larger bulk amount ??

    thanks alot
  2. bert

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  3. d31ty

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    wow, thanks..

    so are they salting only the inside of the abomasum chamber, or both sides?

    then it needs to dry, blown up, for 3 months before it becomes usable?

    and is there any other way to get the whey without making ricotta?

    and they didnt wash the stomach at all or discard any of the contents? and is this because rennet can only be made from a calf who only drinks its mothers milk, and has not started to consume solid foods such as hay??

    thats an awesome page, thanks alot
  4. shoneyboy

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    D31TY, This was stuck wwwaaaayyyy in the back of my memory, so there was a ton of cob webs stuck on it ……LOL.... I do remember my grandmother making cheese when I was real young, about 6-9 years old,  she would use white vinegar instead of rennet. If I remember correctly it was not more than 1 teaspoon per gallon…. I seem to remember her taking a gallon of whole milk just to the brink of boiling and then adding the vinegar to it and it would separate the curds and whey. Then she would scoop out the curds and press them in a tin can, with holes in the bottom of it, to help remove the whey the reason I remember is because I remember helping my grandfather use a nail to pierce the bottom of the can). I don’t remember her adding rennet to the mix, but this is going off of 30+ years of memory, so you may want to look into this a little more before you try it…. or someone with more experience may chime in .....Hope this helps…..
  5. venture

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    In my area, rennet is readily available in the supermarket.  Right next to the Jello and gelatin.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  6. Shoneyboy, what you are remembering is home made cottage cheese. Also known as Paneer in Indian cuisine.

    Once you squeeze the whey out of the curds you crumble and add heavy cream and salt.

    Best cottage cheese you will ever eat!

    Paneer is not crumbled. It is usually sliced and lightly fried during the cooking of the dish being prepared.
  7. shoneyboy

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    MikeLikesSmoke, The old memory may have left that part out….I do remember it did look like a firm cottage cheese….I remember tasting it when she made it and it had a strong taste that I didn’t care for when I was little…..It’s sad to say she has been gone for many years now and I would give anything for her to offer me another piece of that cheese again…. So much that, I think it was nepa’s that posted, he was making some cheese…….After seeing his post, I ran out and bought the first box of rennet that I found and have been looking for a (reasonably priced) stainless steel pot ever since….The one I found at Wally-world was $65…… So with the holidays and all of the extra expenses, I had to wait….Just to show how it was mint for me to try to recreate what she did. I’d been saving up for the pot, so today I went to my favorite restaurant supply house.  I was looking around and found a small 4 qt pot for $45 and I was happy that I had that much money save that I could buy it, but on the way out I found a display that had a 8 qt S.S. pots that were a lot nicer for $30….I asked the sales lady about them and she said that they just got them in and put them on display this afternoon…. As I left their all I could think was that my loving grandmother is still watching over me after all these years….

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