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    I'm in the process of my first smoke (7.5lb Boston Butt on a gas 38" Smoke Hollow smoker. I went out to flip the meat a bit ago and moved the therm probe to the side that was facing up and the therm seems to have stopped dead at 140 degrees F. Is this normal for it not to climb for awhile at this point?
  2. There is something known as the stall and it can happen twice, I've had a butt sit at the same temp for 4.5 hours with out climbing. If time is a factor at 160 you can foil it. Usually around 140-150 you can hit a small stall the bigger one will be around 170 or so. Try doing a search on either stall or plateau.

    I should add be patient and don't keep checking on it. Go grab a frosty bevarage and do something. A 7.5 pound but could take easy 15 hours. Always figure on 2 hours per pound
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