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Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by hudson views, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. hudson views

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    Hi,  how long after you take off the shoulder should you rest the pork?  how should it be wrapped?  I usually have wrapped in foil in tin pan to power through stall.  should I take off at say 195 and leave in it or take off and place in cooler?  thank you!! 
  2. drewed

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    I tend to pull my pork around 200-205ish,  It then sits in a pan or dish until it cools enough to pull - about 1/2 and hour.

    There are guy who will wrap in a double layer of foil, then towels before placing in a pre-warmed cooler.  They will leave it in the cooler for hours.  

    Meh, IMHO, if you need to keep it warm for some reason ( meat finished too soon, you need to transport it to another location, etc...) Then it seems like a good idea.  Otherwise it seems like a waste of time to me.  Yea, some will say it lets the meat goodness redistrebute. but its pulled pork not steak, any juice that leaks will be tossed back in / on the meat anyway.
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    You are right the juices will get redistributed as I usually pull the pork.  Last time I pulled at 205 and seemed drier than my previous smoke.  I am still trying to tweak to find optimal temp to take off and rest.  If I take off at 195 wont the internal temp still continue to rise if heavily wrapped in foil etc? 
  4. hudson views

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    I actually cooked through the stall last time with a 11 lb picnic shoulder and let go to 205  perhaps that is why seemed a little drier.  I cooked at roughly 205 degrees for around 14 hours.  I think I am going to try wrapping to get through the stall next time.   
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    Exactly! Done is Done and all this, " gotta rest 2 hours in a cooler..." is a personal choice but not necessary. If the IT is above 195 and the therm probe slides in like a hot knife through butter...That Pork Butt is Done. Rest until cool enough to handle, 30 minutes or so, and pull it. As far as Cooler time goes. On average, a large butt at 195, wrapped and in the cooler, will see a 15°F+ rise and the IT will go to 205-210°F. The time spent, 2 hours+, will continue to break down connective tissue and you will open the foil to meat that is falling apart. Works when the meat is ready and the guests aren't or you have to travel to an event. You don't need to worry about the juices, it gets pulled and mixed back in anyway. If you foil in a pan, you can cook, rest, pull and serve in one pan. Makes life easy...JJ
  6. Personally after smoking at 225 with foiling at about 150 then finishing at an IT of 195, I throw a large older towel in the bottom of a cooler, drop in the foiled meat, put another towel over it and close the lid.  I let it set  at least 2 hours and sometimes 3.  It will usually still be almost too hot to handle by hand.  I had an unexpected situation one time and was almost 4 and 1/2 hours and it was still very hot to the touch and very moist, but would rather not go that long.  I do my briskets virtually the same way.

    This has been working consistently well for me for quite a while.  No need to change anything by my seasoning at times for taste variation.  So-Fla's finishing sauce is standard for us. 

    Good luck to you.
  7. hudson views

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    Thank you for the advice!! I will give it a try next smoke! Had 2 feet of snow a week ago and getting anxious to get out there!
  8. mummel

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    I've wrapped in cooler and kept anywhere from 30min - 4 hours.  I kept it in there one time I think 6 hours, but that was a bit too long.
  9. dockman

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    I do mine almost exactly like 801Driver! I pull at 190 and set in cooler without towels

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  10. hudson views

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    How long do you rest it for? It is probably very juicy at 190
  11. smokinal

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    It may be juicy at 190, but it won't pull at that temp.

    Take it to 200-205 OR when a toothpick or probe goes in with no resistance it's done.

    I always smoke pork butt in a pan sitting in it's own juices.

    Then just foil the pan & let it rest 1/2 to 1 hour then pull.

    I pull it by hand with some good gloves.

    Throw it back into the pan with the juices & use some finishing sauce on it.

    Hope this helps!

  12. Lots of Great advice, the only thing I will add is "Check the bone" when you grab the bone and can wiggle it and feels loose It's ready. Way back before I even had a temp gauge an old timer taught me that.

  13. hudson views

    hudson views Newbie

    Thank you everyone for the replies!

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