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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rabbithutch, May 30, 2016.

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    For you folks who do pizza on the Weber kettle, I've got a question.

    I've had this idea to make a device to cook pizza in my Weber Performer or Kettle. The idea is to make a frame out of angle iron to hold 8 firebricks. The device will have a 1-1/4" angle iron frame on the bottom with expanded metal spot welded inside. The firebricks will be placed on the expanded metal. A 3/4" angle iron top frame will be slipped over the bottom frame and welded into place. This will trap the firebricks. If my idea works, the bricks will stay in place due to friction of the bricks against each other. The pizza cooker will be approximately 18" x 18" based on firebricks of 4-1/2" x 9" x 1-1/4".

    What I don't know is whether or not I can get this hot enough to cook pizza ... sort of like a wood-fired pizza oven. From what I've read, those ovens run around 600° F (but I might have mis-remembered because that sounds awfully hot). I'm thinking that I can put the firebrick frame on top of the cooking grate with a good hot fire. Given a bit of time for the firebricks to heat up, I should get a good hot surface around 400° F to put pizza on. The firebricks should retain their heat well enough that I can remove the lid to place or retrieve pizzas.

    Brainstorm or brain [email protected]?

  2. Looks like a good idea to me, haven't tried pizza on my kettle yet, but gonna try it soon.  Let us know if you go ahead how it turned out.
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    I have not tried pizza on a Weber, but I've done them on a green egg using a pizza stone.  The stone is about 5/8 inch thick which allows it to quickly recover temperature loss, but the lid was needed to cook the toppings without scorching the crust.

    Several years ago I built a wood fired pizza oven, and 600 degrees is not out of line.  Sometimes I cook thin crust Neapolitan pizzas at 900 degrees, which finishes them in less than a minute.  The floor of the oven is regular fire brick, and it takes 2-3 hours of fire time before the oven is ready to cook, and that is with a roaring fire built directly on the bricks.  It would be interesting to see if heat applied below fire bricks rather than from the top will work the same.

    My thought is that it would take lots of time and heat to bring fire brick to temperature on a Weber, and keeping it hot enough to cook more than one pie might be an issue.  However I could be wrong (my wife reminds me of that all the time) [​IMG]

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