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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by nrthrnrdnck, Mar 23, 2016.

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    Howdy - I am a relative newbie to smoking.  I have an MES that I received as a Christmas gift and I have been pretty pleased with my results thus far.  At at a point where I need to replace my propane grill and I have been thinking that a pellet grill might be the way to go.  Originally I was leaning towards a Traeger but the GMG is American made and I love 'merica.  I know there are other manufacturers out there, Yoder for one, and I'd like feedback from pellet grill owners, good or bad about there respective units.  Thanks in advance!
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    Hello!  First of all, this looks like your first post here at SMF, so welcome aboard!  Now on to your discussion on pellet cookers!

    I'm pretty sure GMG grills are not made in USA...they are China imports.  If someone has proof of otherwise, please feel free to correct me.  That doesn't mean they're not good cookers...I know plenty of guys who cook on GMGs and love them.  To get an American made cooker, you'll have to spend a little more.  The most affordable of these begin at around the $1200, and can run up to $4K or more.  This may not be a complete list, but the US made pellet cookers I'm aware of are Yoder, Blazin Grill Works, Memphis, MAK, Fast Eddy by Cookshack.  This is surely not all of them, but that's the ones that come to mind.  All of the brands I've mentioned above make wonderful cookers...well made products with great customer satisfaction.  You'd be tickled pink with any of them.

    For under $1K, the only options I know about are imported:  The GMG you already mentioned, plus Rec Tec, Traeger, Louisiana Grills...these are a few that come to mind.  Most folks who cook on these are quite satisfied with them...including yours truly.  I've owned a Rec Tec for 3 years, and I'm very happy with it.  It's very well made for a cooker costing only 1K.

    Best advice I have is to do some browsing through different threads in the pellet smoker forums, as well as the Pellet Smoker Group:

    There is also another forum out there on the 'net that is dedicated to only pellet cooking.  I won't promote that here on SMF, but you can Google it if you don't already know what I'm talking about. 

    After you've had the chance to do some reading/research into different cookers, you'll have a better picture of what's right for you.  And if you have questions about Rec Tec specifically, just ask and I'll help any way I can.

    Sorry this got a little long winded...good luck in your search!  

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  3. If you are wanting to replace your grill I would suggest looking at a Fast Eddy/Cookshack PG500 or PG1000. I replaced my grill and smoker and it works great for both.
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    I am not saying it is the best but my wife and I have had a Yoder YS640 for over 4 years and have been very happy with it.
    Compare the following with other pellet grills you are considering...
    - Cook chamber is 10 gauge steel, weighs over 300 pounds and is built like a tank!
    - Can adjust temp from 150º to 600º plus.
    - With 2nd shelf there is 1070 square inches of grate space.
    - Warranty is 3 years control systems and 10 years on the grill body.
    - Made in the U.S.A.
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    Red - Thank-you for the reply.  I appreciate the information and I will continue researching and post my findings.
  6. nrthrnrdnck

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    MossyMo - Thanks for the feedback.  I'll be sure to look at Yoder more closely.  
  7. nrthrnrdnck

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    JeepDiver - Thanks for the reply - another to add to the list!
  8. mowin

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    I've been using a GMG Daniel Boone for several months, and have nothing but praise for it.
    Cooked chicken to briskets with great success. Yes it is a China import, but the customer support is second to none. I've had a couple issues with the wifi, and CS was quick to respond and correct my issues.

    Rec tec was the only other grill i was considering in my price range.
    Good luck in your search.
  9. If you have any questions about it let me know. I've had mine 2.5 years and nothing but good things to say about it. Though most owners here will tell you the same about their rigs, so you just have to figure out what is different between the units and which of those features seems most important to you
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  11. seenred

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    [​IMG]           Good call westby...I'd forgotten about the Firecraft.  I've been reading pretty good reviews on this cooker...might be a good option for an American made stainless steel grill for less than 1K.

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    I am getting ready to pull the trigger on my first smoker and have decided to go the pellet route. I've researched this to death, but a relatively newcomer to the market has stalled my decision. Does anyone here have experience with Firecraft's Pellet Q450?
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    Go to Pelletheads forums.  There is a section for the Firecraft I believe.  You will get better feedback on it there.  I've read good things about them.

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