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  1. Well,
    A buddy is having a big bash this weekend and he asked me out help him smoke some pig...

    We will have a wild boar piglet, 15-20 lbs. that will go on his friends SFB smoker. My first time in a SFB, but we will figure it out.

    Also on a verticle round smoker will be two chuckies, maybe three, and a wild boar rear shank.

    On his electric Brinkman, we will do about 30 ABTs with Venison sausage and cheese. I'm also thinking about some Pepperoni Pizza Fatties.

    Gonna be BUSY!! Friday night and Saturday morning.

    Is it necessary to do any injectin on the piglet?

    I'm gonna use Jeff's rub on itthe piglet and chuckies. I will be injecting the shank with Apply Cider, Chipotle Tabasco, and Yoshidas if I can find it....

    Also several batches of Jeffs' sauce modified wiht Chipotle instead of chili...

    It's gonna be a GOOD time!!!

    Qview will come. Stay tuned.
  2. pineywoods

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    Sounds like fun don't forget the Qview. As for injecting the pig thats a matter of preference I've done them both ways but on the last few have just skipped it and they came out fine
  3. mballi3011

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    Now it does sound like you are going to have a bunch of fun. I would do what Jerry says cause I have had some of his smoked pig and it was really great food.
  4. It's been a rough week, but finally here is what we did last weekend for my buddy's party.

    First off, I used a SFB for the first time. It was built by someone else and had a couple issues, but we overcame them.

    We smoked a Wild Boar Piglet (15 lbs), a Wild Boar Hindquarter (20lbs. +), 30 ABT's, two Pizza Fatties, (first time doing that too!!) and 2 Chuckies.

    Prep Table

    Piglet seasoned up

    Wild Boar Hindquarter ready for mustard and rub

    Our Supervisors doing what they do BEST. Is this a State Job???

    Here is the set up.
    10:00 pm Friday - Beautiful starry night. Fired up the smoker and it came up to temp quickly. only had a damper on the fire box, and not on the stack, so it took a little to getting used to....
    11:00 pm Friday - put the piglet and hindquarter on for the smoke. Combo of Pecan and Mesquite

    2:00 am Saturday - Starts to sprinkle rain. Quick get a canopy over the smoker!!
    2:15 am Saturday - Noah's Ark has to be around here somwhere!! We fought to keep the canopy drained of collecting water on 4 sides and attend to the smoker as well. Keep the Charcoal and wood dry along with us...[​IMG]

    5:00 am Saturday - The rain lightens up and I finally crash for a nap (been up since 4:00 am Friday)

    6:30 am Saturday - Wake up, check the smoker. Fire Out!![​IMG] Meat down 10 degrees[​IMG][​IMG]. Fired up the smoker again and it comes up to temp quickly. Meat temp rising. We're in business!![​IMG][​IMG]

    6:45 am Saturday - Look, the edge of the storm!! It's gonna be a GREAT Day!!!![​IMG]

    Ok, we're looking good. Pork is doing FINE!!

    Time to start the Fatties and ABTs. ABTs were JD Regular Sausage with 4 cheese shredded mix. Got a new rack and it worked great!! Sorry not any pics of the ABTs, but the Fattie in progress. Pizza Sauce, Pepperoni and Mozzerella Cheese. Did two of these...

    First Bacon Weave. Thanks for the Tutorials!!!

    Seasoned up the chuckies and put them on a different Verticle Smoker

    Smoking Nirvana!!

    Ah, but not long lived. Temp would swing 40* in 5 minutes in this smoker. It needs mods to the fire pan done to it to be able to dial it in and hold. I put the chuckies on the SFB to continue and tried the ABTs and Fatties in it.

    Had to take the ABTs and Fatties and put them into the SFB as well. Pulled the Piglet around 12:00 noon to make room.

    Piglet came out GOOD. Cut it up and plated:

    Pulled the hindquarter around 1:30 pm

    No pic after cutting it up.
    Pulled the ABTs and Fatties after 3 hours on the SFB. they lasted about 15 minutes. People lost their fricken minds over them!!!

    The Chuckies stayed on til about 4:00 pm and were cooled for a couple hours and put in the fridge to chill completely and take home. Sliced them up and will heat them in Jeff's sauce for Sammies later. Sorry No pics either....... Yet.....[​IMG]

    The other feast at this gig was 65lbs of mud bugs. Some of these bad boys were mini lobsters!! Claws 2-1/2" long or better!!

    I finally passed out from exhaustion around 10:00 pm.... A few Adult Beverages helped too!!

    All in all, it was a BLAST. 80 people rolled through this gig and I really don't know what we will do next year to make it better.[​IMG]
  5. chisoxjim

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    nice pics of the boar and mudbugs. [​IMG]
  6. jamminjimi

    jamminjimi Meat Mopper

    Wow that is incredible.
  7. pandemonium

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    Looks like a great party!!
  8. bearcarver

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    Good God, that is an Awesome looking smoke !!![​IMG]

    About as deserving as I've ever seen ! ----------->>[​IMG]

    WOW !

  9. smokey paul

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    Great Story, Great Pictures and Great meal for 80 people
    Next time invite me tooooo lol

    You did it, great job...
  10. 1ribshort

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    WOW...I would've walked from Arlington for that.....wanting to do a piglet myself...I may have to hit you up for some tips. What a feast! Great pics too!
  11. walle

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    Well said!
    Add these to your take! [​IMG]

    VERY NICE, byoung!
  12. Thanks ALL for the good words and points!!

    If it weren't for all of you and your advice, tutorials, and adventures, I couldn't or might not have even attempted it. My hat is off to all of you!!!
  13. ak1

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    Nice work! Food looks great.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  14. sounds like a good time!! the injection sounds very acidic but good!!! good luck
  15. Ya know,
    I forgot that I modified the injection. I completely spaced out of getting any Yoshidas and made it up as I went. The injection consisted of:
    Apple Juice
    Chili Oil
    Chipotle Tabasco
    Kosher Salt
    Jack Daniels
    Chopped Garlic

    No real measurements.... Just some of this and some of that!![​IMG][​IMG]

    Let it sit overnight in the fridge and injected both the Piglet and the Leg.....
  16. jak757

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    Man that was one amazing smoke!! I really like the piglet -- but it all looks great. You done good and sounds like you threw an awesome party.

    More well deserved[​IMG] !!

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