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  1. How's it going. Just got a smoker and ready to start this weekend. I'm from south jersey and my favorite BBQ is ribs and BBQ pulled pork. Shown below is my smoker. Any advice or pointers for how to make my smoker better or kick ass recipes are welcomed
  2. Hello and welcome. I would clean it up check to see where it leaks seal it up give it a coat of high temp paint and smoke something also check the temp gauge and make sure it is reading correctly if not just replace it.

    Gary S
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    Welcome aboard!

    Gary makes a good point, but always remember it's the talent of the cook that matters, not how pretty the tools are! [​IMG]
  4. Cleaned it up this morning. What would you recommend closing up leaks with? Do you have to wait any particular amount of time to use it after you have painted it to use it?
  5. There is a high temp RTV silicone sealer, just put in in your search engine, Amazon has it.  Just let you paint dry a day or so and it will be fine

    Then fire it up let it burn for a while, cool down and coat the inside of the cook chamber with a good cooking oil (Spray or wipe) doesn't matter fire it up again and let it go for a while and your ready to smoke.

    And BArnold I have always said in to many post to count "it's the person doing the smoking not the smoker" but everyone likes a nice looking smoker.

    Gary S
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    Welcome to SMF! It's great to have you here. Have fun and enjoy yourself! Looking forward to reading about your future adventures with 

    That's a great looking smoker too. A few tweaks and a little bit of this and that and she'll be cranking out the TBS! 
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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    Amen to that, Gary!  But folks need to worry less about the tool than their technique.  I do everything possible to make my grill and smoker look good.  None of that matters if the food sucks! lol
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  9. Take some time and search for the mods for your model. Some things to improve you smoker include new therms, charcoal basket, and a baffle or convection plate for even heat. You can also lower your stack. Read up and commit some time and you won't be sorry. Good luck. As Gary stated RTV is a good sealer. Rustoleum makes a good high heat paint. But paint will most likely peel from side firebox anyway.
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