New MES40 model #20070311 failing

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by johnrweb, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. johnrweb

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    Hello all,

    I'm a new member from Orange County in Southern California.  Recently got my first smoker in time for Thanksgiving dinner.  

    I bought the 40" MES, model #20070311, I believe this is a Gen 1 as it has the slightly rounded control on the top back and vent on back right.  Since day 1, the smoker randomly shuts whenever adjustment on the control is made, such as changing the time setting, temperature setting, or when checking probe temperature.  This happens when using both the control panel and using the RF remote control.  When this happens, all the settings are reset to default setting of zero minutes and 100 degree F.

    Customer service at Masterbuilt wanted me to cut the cord and email a photo of the cutting and they'll send me a new MES.  The problem is they will only send what's in stock and it may not be a 1st Gen MES.  Reading about Gen 2 having issues, I wanted to avoid getting it by accident.

    Anyhow, is there anything I can do to fix this problem myself or is the only route is to disable the unit and getting a random unit as a replacement?  

  2. dr k

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    i was given the option to wait for an order of the 311's to arrive from china. They let me use the one till their order arrived. I cut the cord when they emailed me that they were in. I didn't want the Gen 2 with the slanted drip tray that the little water pan hung from. Did you get the unit from Masterbuilt or elsewhere.
  3. johnrweb

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    Glad to know that you have the option for the waiting for the 311 to go back into stock.  I bought this online from Walmart using price matching against the deal from Academy.  Walmart's shipping was only $5 vs $40'sh at Academy.

    I'm starting to have concern about the quality of the product.  Will a new unit end up failing again?  It seems like Masterbuilt aren't too confident when they changed their warranty to only 90 days.
  4. dr k

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    A few of us were thinking the oval water pan of the Gen 1 may fit on any rack level of the Gen 2. On the Gen 1 it fits on any level and I have mine on the second from the bottom for better heat distribution. If the oval water pan does fit any levels in the Gen 2 and the vent is on the top left rear corner, I may have chosen the Gen 2 and not use the slant drip pan with the small water pan that it comes with. Just leave it out and use my oval Gen 1water pan on the second from the bottom level like I do now. You'd basically have the Gen 2.5 with remote instead of the shorter range Bluetooth.

    I pushed the cord into the back of the unit before I cut it. Took pics and when the new one arrived solder the power cord back on then shrunk tubed the joints. And it works fine. Mine came dented in the back and the light bulb was shattered due to rough delivery. The base of the bulb wasn't in the socket and the wires that supported the filament were stuck in the socket. When I turned on the light it dead shorted the circuit and tripped my breaker. That's why they sent me a new one. I thought the dead short fried or compromised the controller which it didn't but they didn't want to take any chances. This happened last May and I've ran the new smoker without smoke and it's a spare till the original fails. The original has been through hell and will probably last forever.

    I wonder if Wal-Mart will exchange it? Or ask MB if the oval pan can be substituted for the slant drip tray small water pan set up. I like the Gen 1 but I would prefer the top rear left vent to more evenly bring heat across the smoker before going out the vent. Regardless I'd not us the wood chip tray and get the Amnps pellet smoker. Some people have found lose connections behind the back plate and bottom plate under the smoker. Get your new smoker and see if you can salvage this one like I did. I'm interested to hear why You can't wait till they get more 311's in. I used mine for over a month before my replacement came in from China.
  5. johnrweb

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    I didn't' approach Walmart with this problem because it was an online order and my local store didn't have it in stock.  I contacted Masterbuilt on this problem hoping they had a quick fix such as a replacement controller or maybe telling me to fix a loose wire somewhere.  Also, it didn't want Walmart to take the loss when it was Masterbuilt that built a DOA product.  Following your experience, I'll contact Masterbuilt and wait out for a 311.


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