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  1. well i can grill like a champ, but it's time to learn how to bbq and smoke meat. here's my first question. when people talk temperature are they talking about the smoke box or the meat. and, do i leave the thermometer in the meat the entire time in cooks or just stick it in and check it periodically.

    i just bought a wood burning vertical smoker with an off-set fire box by new braunfels. i cured it last night and intend to smoke something today. any ideas on a "beginner, first timer " recipe and/or meat?
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    Welcome aboard............Lots of great people and info here.....
  3. Welcome to SMF. Temps refer to cooking chamber and meat. You generally want to keep the cooking temp low, say around 225 or so. The meat is done when it reaches a target temp, for example with brisket, slice around 190 and pull around 205. Some use instant read thermometers, and some use the kind made for BBQs that can be left in the meat.

    If you want to smoke something today, I would recommend trying ribs. Babybacks may only take, at the most, 5 hours. On the left side of the page look at the link for 3-2-1 for cooking ribs. Of course you can smoke just about anything. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time. Hope this helps.

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