Need some advise on bone in whole rib eye

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tucsonbbq, Apr 20, 2014.

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    I have been smoking for a couple years and turn out some pretty good products but I'm in for a new adventure. Today I bought a 15# whole bone in ribeye cause they had them on sale. I have been reading about temps and such, but my question is how to prepare and serve. Should I cut bones out prior to smoking? Should I reverse sear before wrapping? Should I cut in thin or thick slices to serve? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    I slice the bones off and attempt to smoke them separately.    I smoke at 225ish to get a consistent color from edge to edge.   Pull at 127ish and tent with foil to rest giving me a nice rare to mid rare temp.   If I'm in the mood for a nice crust, I'll pull at about 122 and do a reverse sear on my Weber gasser, then tent with foil to rest.

    Size of slices really depends on whom I'm serving it to.   If it's a buffet line, I'll go about 1/2 inch or 3/4.  If it's for me, I'll cut a 1 1/2inch.
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    I prefer to cook boneless rib roasts, so I've never done this personally, but many will slice the bone section off the roast, then tie it back on the roast to smoke it.  My assumption is that it provides a little flavor and protection to the roast while smoking, while making it easy to slice and serve when its done.  The bone section can then be a treat for the cook.

    I like to use a simple rub of salt and pepper on beef roasts, maybe some garlic and onion powder.  I've also used a commercial brisket rub that's pretty good.  I smoke the roast at about 240* until it reaches an IT of 135* (Mrs. Red won't eat it rare...I have to shoot for medium-medium rare).  You can definitely pull it earlier and do a reverse sear for a nice crust.

    Depending on how many I'm feeding, I like to slice prime rib at around 3/4 inch...but adjust based on the size of the roast and how many you're serving.

    Be sure to let us know how it turns out!  [​IMG]

  4. i just happened to smoke a rib eye last night i like bone on flavor and slice the bones off after the cook .. 135  internal for most  people medium  1 inch slices work well .. dont forget the au jus !
  5. Welcome to the forum, I agree with the previous members, some like bone in some prefer boneless, I usually always go boneless, my nephew likes bone in, either way it's grate. Since I'm not going for BBQ I keep my seasoning simple, salt and pepper, but again it's your taste. If you are new and not sure, I would go simple, pretty expensive piece of meat . 

    Gary S
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    Thanks for some great tips. I think I'll keep it simple, bones cut off and then tied back on for flavor and protection while smoking . I was thinking about using butchers bbq rub for brisket and beef, or just a straight up salt pepper and Montreal seasoning. (Either way I don't think I could go wrong). I was going to smoke at about 220 to 230 to IT of 120 then untie bones reverse sear and wrap. Bone-in ribs ill finish separate. This is just a plan so ill have to see how it turns out. I was thinking about wrapping tight verses tent, so it wouldn't steam while it rests, but am worried about sacrificing the bark. Decisions.....Decisions
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  8. Sounds like a plan, be sure and post pictures and let us know how it turns out,  good luck

    Gary S
  9. seenred

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    Sounds like a solid plan...good luck!  Take pics and show us how it turns out...[​IMG]


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