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    Hello folks,

    I just came across this site when surfing the web for help.  I have been rebuilding a smoker from an OLD refrigerator which I have used several times in the past.  I have a brinkman add on electric element and now I am wanting to wire up a PID temperature controller.  I have bought a Mypin TA4 RNR controller and a SSR 25 DA.  I have them mounted into a box on top the ole frig nice and neat.  I have cut an extension cord female end off and connected the white and black wires onto at 1 and 2 screws.  I have an old thermocouple wired up to the 7 negative and the 8 positive screws with the positive and negative sides of the thermocouple.  I then have a wire from the 3 screw on controller to the 3 on the SSR and a wire on the controller 4 screw to the 4 on the SSR.  I then have the cord from the electric heating element wired to the SSR with the black wire to the 1 screw and the white wire to the number 2 screw.  Just so folks know I am an electrical illiterate and picked this up form as much as I could tell from the controller instructions.  The controller does power up but the element does not heat when I put the set value at 200.  The top temperature shows UUUUUUU across it.  I did also fumble my way through the instructions to change the C to F.  Can anyone tell me what is wrong or if I even have what I need to do what I want to?  I'm basically switching the element off and on so that it maintains my temperature.
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    I removed the white wire for the electric heating element from the number 2 screw on the SSR and wired it with the white wire on the incoming 110 line cord which is attached to the number 2 screw on the PID temp controller.  Still the SSR does not light up.
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    Go to the Smoker Builds area under Smoking Supplies and Equipment. Repost in the Fridge/Freezer Builds. Good luck with your project.

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