My new contraption to make a fatty.

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by handymanstan, May 11, 2013.

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    I have been away for awhile with some health problems and had lots of time lying around and thinking.

    I am doing lots better now and had to smoke something.   So I thought I would make a fatty and came up with a new way to do that.

     All that rolling up the fatty and having the ingredients falling out or the meat tearing was a pain.

    Exhibit one.

    A piece of 3” drain pipe.  I ran it through the table saw and cut off the top.  About 1/3 then pulled a strong knife backward down the edges to break the sharp edge.

    Placed a sheet of plastic wrap over and press in.

    Made two patties for the ends.

    Rolled the meat out between two sheets of plastic wrap.

    Remove the top sheet and pick up the meat by the bottom sheet to set in pipe

    Add the ends and incorporate together to form a box. (The next two pics are from the second one I did.  I forgot to take any of the rolling and capping the ends.)

    Fill with whatever.

    A can of German potato salad.

    Some sliced Jalapeno peppers.

    Some Smoked Cheddar cheese sauce.

    Lift the wrap and roll over and pinch the edges together.  This is easy because you can pull the wrap to move the edges together inside the tube.

    I Then put some maple syrup and Jeff's rub on and smoked it to a IT of 165..

    I had a blow out.  The sausage was too thin I think.

    It was good though.

    Had to try again. Made a breakfast Fatty with sausage. I made it a little smaller and thicker

    Filled it with mandarin oranges.

    Out of the smoker IT 155

    The white parts are crushed crackers.

    This was also good.  The sausage could have been a little thinner I will have to keep experimenting with the width.

    The pipe is easy to make and works real nice. 

    Thanks for looking.

  2. fpnmf

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    Looking good!!

  3. dward51

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    Just had a thought.  Leave the top open and call it a "fatty boat".  You blowout may be the start of the next new thing!

    That 2nd one looks great.
  4. seenred

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    Looks great, Stan! Very creative..and its good to hear you're feeling better!

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  5. You could always just stuff the stuffing of the fatty in a food safe pvc pipe, freeze it, then wrap it up in the meat. You won't get the spiral effect but you will get a nice compact fatty. I saw someone do that and they stuffed shrimp into a pvc pipe, freeze it, then use it in a fatty. Looked pretty dang good too like a surf and turf fatty.
  6. Glad your doing well Stan. Very cool thread and a great idea!

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