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  1. I'ts about time I held up the 'UK End' and try some bacon, only with the help and advice of my freinds on the forum.  I will use Pop's brine and method, for which I'm gratefull for.

    Pop's recipe.

     "for every 1 gallon of water, add:

    1/3 - 1 cup sea salt (depending if you're on a lo-salt diet)

    1 cup granulated sugar or Splenda®

    1 cup brown sugar or Splenda® brown sugar mix

    1 tbsp cure no. 1 pink salt"

    I've had to do some research on US - UK weight conversion - Cups, there seems to be a different weight (in grammes) for different food groups I found 1 cup sugar =

    1 cup brown sugar = 170g brown sugar 

    1 cup granulated sugar = 170g granulated sugar 

    So I'll use this for Sea Salt, granulated sugar and brown sugar.

    The Gallon is 




    liquid only

    3.785 liters

    4 quarts



    4.546 liters

    4 quarts

    So I'll use 3.8 litres of water.

    Tablespoons are the same.

    So I'll use a level tabel spoon for the Cure.

    To the brine I'll add some cracked black pepper ony, just to keep it simple.

    I have to pop out to the shops to get some sea salt, so I'll post some pics tomorrow of what's I've done so far.

    thank you
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  2. I am in[​IMG].

    Happy smoken.

  3. [​IMG]   Hello Gary.  I told ya the folks across the pond speak 'Merican!  Ya gotta translate everything, even weights and measures.  Sounds like you got it sorted for the moment.  GO FOR IT MATE!  Like David said, I,m in for the qview also.  BTW.  The reputation of ALL the U.K. members is restin on your shoulders; but no pressure Mate.  [​IMG]   Got faith in ya!  I haven't done bacon YET but if I can help let me know.  Pops technique will see ya through.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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    BACON!!!! Yep yep yep yep.......... BACON!!!!

    I have seen pictures of those HUGE hogs you guys have over there, and I have read how pampered they are. Looking forward to seeing this Sow Belly you are curing.
  5. So far so good, this is the belly I bought, it weighed 2.6 kg   -  5.5 - 6lbs


    I first trimmed it, then weighed the 2 peices and weighed 2.5kg  -  5½lb ish


    Then I measured out the ingreidients, I decided to go 'commando' - just the cure ingredients, although I did say I would add peppercorns, just thought it would be nice to try it 'as is'

    First Brown and white sugars


    Then the sea salt (I went with ½ a cup - 85g) and finally the cure, I used Prague No1 - I tablespoon = 19g


    Finally mixed all together and added the water, mixed well and put the bellies in.  1st one, skin side down, 2nd one, meat side down.  Placed in the fridge with a crock plate on top to keep them submerged.


    Now I'll wait 14 days, in the mean time I'll re test my external smoker and order some oak or hickory chips and chunks.


  6. Looks good so far!  Just a suggestion here.  I would go with a LITTLE oak mixed with either apple or maple or cherry.  Say 1/4 to 3/4 mix.  Will give you a sweet taste AND a familiar taste with the oak.  Hickory MAY be too strong, but if you like heavy smoke taste use your plan and GO FOR IT!  I WANNA SEE THAT FINISHED BACON!!  Good luck my friend.  Keep Smokin!

  7. Thanks theMule69 & Danny, sounds like a plan, I'll use oak and either apple or maple then, thanks:)  I think the hardest part will be the waiting time!!

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  9. hi David, I was thinking along similar lines 40+ hours, and at night, cooler temps and 'cooler' neighbours too! [​IMG]   Managed to get 8 hours out of my tin, last time, but have done some tweeking since then, I have to test it though.

  10. He is turning fresh belly into cured bacon. Pink salt is used for curing meat.

    Happy smoken.

  11. I have done dry cures as well

    How do you make your bacon. With 50 years of experience I'm sure you can teach us a trick or 2

  12. Out of your tin??  OK. C'mon.  Picts!  What ya usin there Gary.  The world wants to know.  You have me intrigued.  Good luck my friend.  Keep Smokin!

  13. After reading lots of posts, I concluded for the most part that I could break down the process into 2 parts.  

    The Cure and the Smoke.  The cure being the 'protection' part, where the food / bacon is protected from certain outside influences - the 'hygiene' part.  

    The Smoking' being the addition of flavor to the cured food / bacon.  

    Seeing as the curing part is most important to our survival and smoking isn't as important. (some lee way but agreed still have to be hygienic no matter what)  I've decided to mess and make my own cold smoker.

    Started with two A10 Tins (catering size)  one had a slightly larger diameter (lucky me) and fitted nicely inside the other - this was my fire box smoke generator.  I'd seen a You Tube video which was similar and followed the style.



    Drilled holes in the bottom and sides, inserted four bolts at N S E W to allow the top to rest on.  The top had a center hole drilled and I attached a 15mm fitting, some pipe pieces and joints.  On the left hand side I drilled a 15mm end piece to take a 6mm pipe fitted to some plastic pipe, the other end attached to an air pump that will blow air through, taking the smoke with it.  The 6mm pipe extended about 1 inch past the 't' piece center.


    The gizmo's on the right is intended as a 'smoke cooler' system and is 8 feet in length.  For my initial trials this was not fitted.

    I tried it out several times at first but could not get it to stay alight or to produce smoke from the nozzle.  I thought it may be that the pump (not the one above) wasn't up to it so I bought this one.

    Tried it several times, better got 3 hrs smoke but not great.

    More to follow, gotta go out to the shed.

  14. So far i like it.

  15. [​IMG]  Great goin there Gary.  That's one He** of a rig.  VERY well thought out.  I like it.  Keep at it my friend.  Keep Smokin!

  16. After trying and trying I'm getting nowhere.  I've tried lighting the dust / chip mix several ways.  (top layer, bottom layer, both layers and all over)  

    It goes for about ½ hr then goes out, I know and have read fire need Oxygen, Food and an Ignition Temperature.  Oxygen?  Food - dry wood dust and chips.  Ignition Temperature - A Blow Torch.  So as I see it, somewhere there's not enough Oxygen getting in or the Smoke isn't getting out efficiently, to allow Oxygen in.  So I re designed the gizzmo.

    I converted one of Dad's plant pots, holes in the side and top.  I fitted some kitchen down pipe together, made another air pipe, I fitted it so that the air pipe runs close to the top of the tube.  Fitted an exhast pipe in the top.


    Tried it several times, but yet again it smoked fro about half to three quarters of an hour.   Mmmmmm.......

    At this point my pool of ideas has shrunk down to about the size of a muddy puddle, yet out of it I thought I would add a fan, I have a disused (old) PC so scaveneged one.

    I found an old tin and fitted the fan into it, joined it via some pipe.  I hoped that this would draw the smoke through and help keep the firebox alight.  The exhaust itself worked fine and even extended the smoking time, but it was only 2hrs (approx.)

    So the last thing I've done is add a seconf fan to the plant pot.  It is as yet un tested, but I'll give it a go tonight.  Fingers crossed lol!!!


    thanks for looking.

    My bacon is now into Day 3 and I've turned it every day.    Mmmmmmmmm... can't wait :)

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  18. Hi Black and David.  I started it up,and it kept going, but there was very, very little smoke, so I put a lit briquette like Black suggested and things got much better, It's been going now 1¼hrs now and still going strong, thanks Black:)


    I'll stop up to monitor it and hopefuly, I can repeat it.


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