Long-term storage of smoked brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by slingerland, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. About an hour ago, I started a 7 lb brisket flat for my family.  In the last few minutes, a minor emergency has come up, and my wife and sons have left the house for the day.  So this evening, I'll have a 7 lb brisket flat to myself.

    Option #1 is to eat.  A lot.  Pig out.  Be a glutton.  And while I'm at it, give the cats a treat, too.  And while that sounds good, I'm at the age where my various medical numbers are starting to intrude upon my short-term indulgences.

    Option #2 is to store the brisket.  But besides the obvious refrigerator, my older son wants to take some back to college to eat in the dorm.

    So option #2 is probably the most realistic.  I'm looking for ideas on how to store the brisket.  I wrap at 160 in a pan, cook to an IT of 200, then slice.  I keep the au ju.  I have a vacuum sealer.  Can I put some slices in a vacuum bag, add some au ju, freeze it (bag unsealed), then vacuum seal?  This is what I do for pulled pork and it works well, just never tried it with brisket.
  2. Plan 2 works great. You can reheat it in the bag by dropping in water still in the bag and putting on the stove. It will be as good as the day you smoked it. I do it this way all the time with my leftovers.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Brisket stores and reheats well

  4. Well did you eat it all or freeze some?

  5. Two words... co workers... :)
  6. bruno994

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    Brisket will actually get better after being vac sealed in its au jus.  
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    Vacuum seal - I have even vacuum sealed whole briskets that I cooked a week ahead for a Christmas party. Came out fantastic!


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