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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by txdvr, May 6, 2016.

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    Good afternoon, I am planning to build a smoke house very similar to the one that ATCNICK built.

    It seems like a great design.

    I am new to cold smoking, and I have only dealt with regular hot smokers.

    The types I have used need to have a good draw, but I am not sure that the Smoke house will need that.

    I am attempting to attached a plot plan of my yard.

    I think I know where I want the smoker, but not sure If the smokestack should be facing the northern direction or not. (Should the wind blow from the smoke stack towards to firebox, or Vice Versa)

    The two "?" on the plot plan are the locations that I am considering. The location near my existing shed is preferred if it will work.

    I sure hope this works, as I know there are several awesome cooks on this site that may offer help.

    Thank you in advance,


  2. I can't tell you where in your yard will be most convenient for you to have your smokehouse. Mine has the fire box on the north side and I just have holes on the north and south side of the smokehouse under the roof. When the firebox door is cracked warming up the house and firebox and the wind blows from the south its a PITA, until the fire box gets hot. Once hot and I shut the door and just use the vent it doesn't really matter much with 10 - 15mph winds
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    It appears you are in a housing development that may have CCR's.....    I would check those and see what's allowed....
  4. txdvr

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    ARCHERYROB, Thank you for your comment.

    I was concerned about the draw, and this helps.
  5. txdvr

    txdvr Fire Starter

    Dave, you are correct, I am in a neighborhood with a HOA.
    I invited one the the ACC committee members over to go over my plans and he said that according the the dccr's, it"should" be no problem.
    Thanks for the comment though.
    Let's hope for the best.
    And thank you for your suggestions and comments.

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