Let's get this party started! Rotisserie Ribs St Louis Style Habanero Grape Jelly Glaze and Injec

Discussion in 'Rotisserie' started by fwismoker, Jul 10, 2016.

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    First thanks to the admin and Bmudd for allowing us to have a place we can call home for our rotisserie cooks!  [​IMG]

    This cook from yesterday I wanted experiment with jelly glazes.  What I have been doing is chopping up habanero peppers and then letting them simmer in various flavors of jelly. What happens is the oils from the pepper infuse the jelly... now it's not super hot when it gets cooked on but does seem to do great with wings.  This cook was trying it on and in ribs.

    I cut a rack of St Louis Ribs in half separating the very thick half and regular thinner half.   Seasoned with SPG (salt pepper garlic) rub and cooked on the kettle using a Mulberry split fire on the side.  The skinny half was just a glaze at the end and the thicker half I injected the jelly.  It turns out the injected while good wasn't as good as the portion that had just the glaze cooked on. 

    It was an interesting cook trying wood in the kettle. At first I tried it open top with no lid but the ribs weren't cooking fast enough so I took a couple of skinny splits and used them to prop open the lid....It worked great, just put the exhaust side of the lid opposite the fire.

    This is the thick half, you can see in the second pic the jelly injection mark.    Oh I threw in a couple of ears of sweet corn, leaned them up against the fire brick partition.. Yummy!!!

    This is the skinnier half

    Lastly this is the  kettle setup and the cook  Thanks for looking and let's rock this new rotisserie category!!!

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  2. c farmer

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    Wow. Great cook.
  3. waterinholebrew

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    Looks great Keith ! Thumbs Up. Very nice !
  4. tropics

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    That looks great I like the skewer setup.

  5. smokinal

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    Very cool!!

    They sure make a lot of gadgets for the kettle!

    I like the way you set everything up!

    Nice job!

  6. fwismoker

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    Yes new gadgets are good, the more the better...lol  thanks!
    Appreciate Richie
    Thanks Justin!   Ribs get old for me but these hit the spot
    Thanks Adam
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  8. dirtsailor2003

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    So whats this have to do with building a rotisserie??? I came to this thread to see a rotisserie build, not pictures of food!!! Show me how to build these things!

  9. fwismoker

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    Ha ha Case....let's see if you know how to spin!    Crank up the mini and lets go. lol
  10. fwismoker

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    Yea Case It didn't make sense putting a rotisserie section anywhere else or does it?   BTW  I am making a roti for my mini so I'll post it both in the mini wsm and roti . [​IMG]
  11. b-one

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    Looks tasty! How about some pics of your massive meat spikes!
  12. fwismoker

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    Thanks b! 
  13. forluvofsmoke

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    Damn, that looks like fine eats!!! Pepper infused jelly injection...that's something I've never ever done is inject ribs...way back about 6-7 years ago I glazed spares with real maple syrup, which was really good. That injection sounds just about crazy enough that I might have to try it...LOL!!!

    Never saw a spinner set-up like that before...pretty cool. I have 2 slabs each of BB & spares...trying to figure out which way to go for roti-ribs with the gear I have, which is just the standard rod and tines...think I can come up with something before next days off work.

    Your mention of the glazed being better than the injected got me thing...you may have lost some of the injection during cooking due to weeping and evaporation.

    Nice rib-spin, brother!!!


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