Let it smoke...let it smoke... let it smoke (My 1st attempt at documenting a Brisket smoke)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by needsmetidaho, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The night before the big J.C's birthday.

    I have been successful at turning my wife's idaho family into Southerners. Well, sort of..

    We have brisket every year for Christmas dinner. I will be starting the smoke tomorrow morning and smoking it all day.

    I used a wet rub this year. I rubbed it with
    Light brown sugar
    Kosher salt
    chili powder
    black peppper
    Onion Powder
    Garlic Powder

    Then I sprayed it down with Apple Juice and rubbed the rub in. Right now its sitting in bags in my frig. It will have marinated in the rub for 48 hours.

    In the morning, I will start the smoke probably with a fresh application of the rub.

    I will try to remember to post pics through out the process.

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    syncronicity - I'll be smoking a brisket for Christmas eve also, putting it on in about 3 hours (midnight here in PA). Brisket is best with hickory IMO, you really ought to get yourself some hickory chunks  :)

    (I just sent you a pm)
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    Cant wait to see the results.
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    Soundws like a good plan
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    I'm in!

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    Any pics of the brisket pre rubbed.........................[​IMG]

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    More q-view any Q-View   some Q-view.
  8. Sorry, I didnt take pics of the brisket pre-rubbed. Its 7:00 am and Ive got my coals in my chimney. They are just about ready. I still remember when I used to build fires by hand. That was before someone turned me onto chimneys. I used lighter fluid. Yuk!!!

    Now, with a chimney, I just put in the coals, put a lillt e newspaper in the bottom, light it and its off. No fuss, no muss.

    Its about 18 degrees outside. Its not showing, thgoughI would not care if it was. I bought 2 briskets at my local albertsons. They are about equal weight. adding up to 17 pounds. Im estimating about 10 hours or so, but it could go longer. Im planning on doing 1 just normal and 1, or perhaps half of one a burnt ends style.

    We are supposed to go to Christmas Eve service tonight, so I need to get it done before we go. Otherwise, there will be blood!



  9. Hopefully my 1st post made it. I cant tell. I got a message tht it was being held for moderation since I was new. My briskets are on!!!

    Its 7:23 am. A bit later than I had planned, so I might have to speed up the process a bit. I usually cook as close to 200 as I can. But some smokes are easier to maintain the temp and some are........difficult t a real pain.

    I thought about leaving some fat on, but we are just not fat people. No pun intended.

    So I trimmed as much of the fat off as I can. I could
  10. Here is my pic of the meat actually on the grill. Smoking on a grill is quite a challenge. I already can tell that I made a mistake. I let my fire get too hot in the chimney. I am not sure how things work in a real smoker as I have never had one. But in grilling, I can tell how well I am going to be able to mantain temp by how long I let my coals go in the chimney.

    At least this has been my experience with it.

    If I let the top coals in the chimney turn white before I dump them, I will have a very hot fire. One that is suitable for griling burgers. If I let the top coals in the chimney just catch fire, but not white, I will have a cooler fire suitable for smoking and maintaining a lower temp.

    I made the mistake of letting the coals on top get to far along. So my fire is going to be hot and harder to maintain the 200 temp.
  11. I have 2 posts awaiting moderation. I think thats funny that they are being held cause of pics I uploaded. No naked pics. I promise.

    Well, I guess the brisket is not really dressed, so maybe its naked.

    Ok, I admit it. Naked brisket pics!

    Take me away officer.

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    You have enough posts, I'm not sure why they are being held back. Everyone is on today, so it shouldn't be too long before they are approved.
  13. I have been fighting the fire all morning. As I suspected, its being a bear to keep at temp. I cant believe I let the coals get too hot. Oh well, it will be fine.
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    Looking good so far
  15. Well, I resolved my hot fire problem. I scooped lots of the hot coals out and put in new ones. With wood of course. So basically started the fire over again.

    Now Im able to maintain close to 200

    Im using Apple wood. It does not smoke much.
  16. Ok, I am about 3 1/2 hours into this. The wife has gone to Target to do last minute Christmas shopping along with much of the rest of the country. Better her than me.

    The brisket seems to be doing fine.

    I just put the temp gauge probe in, Looks like about 118. Not sure if I will make my deadline of 7:45 pm to go to Church.[​IMG]

  17. Just posted more pics. Still getting messages that they are held for Moderation cause I am new.
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    I just validated the pics my friend.  I think the auto filter is picking up on the pics and the store names you used in conjunction with christmas maybe.  Oh well all is good now.
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    Oh and your brisket looks great also!  [​IMG]
  20. Thanks. No worries. never knew posting to a board like this could be so much fun. But I love to smoke and I love to write. So I guess its a natural fit. hey, are there any other people on here from Idaho?

    It would be nice to know if there are. Especially if they are actually Texans.

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