Keeping Ribs Moist in the SI-2

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  1. I've experimented twice now with baby back ribs. First time I did 2-2-1 @225 with a single rack. Dry rubbed for 24 hours. At the end of the 2 hours foiled, the rack was at 190 degrees or so and being a novice I figured I should stick to the method and leave them in for the last hour unfoiled. Well they turned out a bit dry. Tasty, but dry.

    For Mothers day, I did 3 racks, same rub, same temperature, but this time I did 2-1-1. The ribs turned out far better this time, with only the bark being dry, but I'm still left thinking that they could be even juicier inside. I'm just not sure what the trick would be to do this. I didn't use a water pan since that seems to be no no with the SI series. During the foiled phase they were sprayed with cranberry juice and I dumped a good amount in the foil pack as well. When I pulled them from the foil the temp in the meatiest part was 175, but fell to 163 while I was unwrapping and all that. They never really rose higher than 165 during the last hour

    Would I be better off doing 1-2-1? Or maybe cutting the last hour down some to just get the bark firmed up again then pull them? Or is there only so much juiciness I should expect from baby-backs?
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    Here's something that may help....keep in mind that salt and other spices tend to draw moisture out of the meat. The more you put on and the longer it sits has a lot to do with it especially with thin meats like bb's. Try applying a bit less rub and don't let it sit so long before hand and you may be surprised. Also, are you using a water pan or spritzing a couple times during the cook? That helps, too. Best of luck and happy smoking.
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  3. I usually spritz right before foiling and dump a bunch of juice in the foil pack, otherwise I try to not open the SI. Maybe I should start spritzing half way through the first 2 hours. No water pan, people seem to think it's a bad idea in the SI since they're so tightly sealed.
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