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    You can call me Ray, I have been called much worse.  I currently reside in the Midwest, the Badger state to be exact.  A couple of my buddies have recently purchases smokers so I could not be left out.  I have never knowingly eaten anything smoked but I figured I would try it out and commit to an electric smoker.  After a trip to Cabellas for a 30" smoker, my wife started complaining that we did not need an additional cooking device...Until she tried the 1st batch of ribs that I made.  We are both hooked and have made them multiple times since. We are looking forward to many more things, maybe a pork shoulder next...  I am also looking forward to reading about the experiments and outcomes as well and any tips that are posted.  I have ordered a couple books but there is no substitute for real people's opinions.  Thanks in advance for all of the great ideas, recipes, and tips that you all have been and continue to post as well as answering any questions that I might have..

  2. [​IMG]  Hello Ray, and welcome from East Texas. Lots of great information and good people here at this site.  Pork shoulder is one of my favorites. It takes a long time, pretty simple and forgiving. I smoke on a Charcoal/Stick burner Reverse Flow. I smoke at 225º    I keep mine pretty simple, I rub it down with yellow mustard or olive oil coat with my rub and on the smoker. Now sometimes I inject before I do the rub, I'll use apple or orange juice. I keep an eye on the color (make sure it's not getting to dark and how the temp is coming along. Week before last I smoked two 8-9 pounders took about 12.5 hours. Color was nice so I didn't wrap. You can wrap in foil after 6 hours or so and this will speed up your cooking time and hold in a lot more moisture. When I do wrap, I will usually un-foil and put back on the smoker for the last hour to firm up the bark. Once it has reached about 195 to 200 I pull it wrap in foil and a couple old towels put in the cooler to rest for an hour or so. The temp will rise a little up to about 205 208, at that point the blade bone should slide right out clean. and you are ready for some great pulled pork.

    Hope this helps

    Gary S

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