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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by gmeans, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Can someone help?  I read Jeff's latest recipe for chicken wrapped in bacon, with his rub and sauce and thought it was great.  Wanted to try it this weekend, but somehow I can't find it.  Can someone send it to me, perhaps you Jeff?  Thanks for all your help.  This is an outstanding group of guys and gals who all love smoking.  Gary
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    Well Gary you have 2 options here. First you can look in the "search" and then put in Jeff's name and it sgould come up that way. Or you can make this dish yours and just get some chicken breast and install your rub and then wrap them with bacon and then smoke it to maybe 165° internal temp and enjoy.
  3. Thanks Mark, I am on it and will be cooking this weekend.
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  5. I vote for option #2. (Sorry Jeff, nothing personal)

    Get those create juices flowing, and share with us just what all went on!
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    I did a little twist on Jeffs recipe....pounded the breast out a little, wrapped it around a sausage (fully cooked) then wrapped everything with a bacon strip....yum
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    Sounds good Willie!

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