Jalapeño Cheddar Kielbasa

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  1. So last week I got ahold of 10lbs of 80/20 beef and wanted to make some snack sticks. I came across Nepas recipe for jalapeño sticks and they turned out pretty good. I omitted the bell pepper and used pickled jalapeños instead of dehydrated.

    After that I got an idea. Used the same recipe except with pork and added sharp cheddar.

    17lbs pork butt + 3lbs pork fat ready to use the new grinder!

    First grind, corse plate. Took about 7min and I just have to take a minute to say THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN A KITCHEN AID!

    Mixed spices and back through, fine plate this time.

    Diced up 2lbs of sharp cheddar and 2 big cans of pickled jalapeños

    Mixed in cheese, jalapeños and NFDM. Ready for the stuffer.

    Filled up my 15lb stuffer twice.

    All stuffed. Ran out of casings at the end so I had to use some 22mm collagens to finish it off. Should make some good handhelds.

    Took them out to the garage and let them hang all night. This is something I've never done before and I really liked the results.

    Threw a couple on the BBQ to taste and see if the cheese would stay in.

    And we have cheez!

    Next morning I got the kids off to school and back to work.
    Ready for the smoker.

    MES 30 w/ Masterbuilt cold smoker. (I usually use AMZPS but thought I'd try this thing out.) 120* no smoke for 1hr. Then 130* heavy smoke for 1.5 hours.

    They came out at about 124* IT. Into a 170* water bath next till 155* IT.

    After they hit there final temp into the ice they go.

    Finally, back on the rack for a couple hours to bloom.

    Turned out very good. Killer flavor and texture.

    Money shot.

    portioned and sealing for the freezer.

    Thanks to Nepas for the killer recipe. And thanks to Cougar78 for the technical help along the way.
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  2. shaggy91954

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    Congrats on your results.  They look awesome. 
  3. dreadylock

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    hi Im thinking on starting making sausage (first timer) would like to know why an ice bath?
  4. crazymoon

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    BF, Those babies look great, nice job![​IMG]
  5. reinhard

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    Great thread, with very nice step by step's and pic's.  Your sausage looks great!!!  Dreadylock,  the reason for the ice bath is to stop the cooking process so that the sausage do not over cook and remain the texture they were when you took them out of the smoker or hot water.  It also prevents the casings from shriveling up.  Reinhard
  6. Man that looks good, wish I had some

  7. chef willie

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    Well done, sir. You're style is a lot like mine with the smoke then poach finish and I've found I like pork/beef rather than all beef in SS and sticks and I'm thinking a blend of pork/beef for future Hot Links as well....sweet job ya did there...Willie
  8. Look good. Do you have a link to the recipe? Been searching and can't find it.
  9. Thanks
  10. Took a link down to work tonight and threw it in the deep fryer. Looked pretty cool.
  11. Looks Tasty

  12. disco

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    bfelgar, great post, great sausage and wonderful qview!


  13. driedstick

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    Great post - nice job 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

  14. boykjo

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    Kielbasa looks great.................[​IMG]


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