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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by frassettor, Sep 10, 2008.

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    I will be making a batch of chorizo. I plan on smoking it ( I will use instacure #1, and stuff it into 32mm hog casings), What internal temp should I cook it to?? This will be all pork.
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    Its similar to pepperoni i guess

    Bake or smoke at 185

    ° - 190° until an internal temperature of 150° is reached, this should take

    about 3 hours. If you choose to smoke pepperoni do so only after it is has been cooked and


    I copied this info. But this is how i did my pepperoni.

    The chrizo recipes say they are used fresh.
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    I would go to 155° / 160° to eliminate any thought of trichinosis in the fat.
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    Again...Per Kutas 3rd edition.. <You should get this book if you plan on making sausages and cured meats>

    A dried cured chorizo can be made using and combination of lean meats or 100% pork butt. Grind all chilled meats 32-34°F thru 1/2" plate... Etc..

    Sausage is placed on smokesticks and allowed to ripen 3 days at 70-75° F, humidity 70-80%. Then dry for 15 days at 50-55° F, humidity at 60-70%

    Evidently the Cubans store in a container under lard.

    Soo... it's not cooked, nor smoked traditionally. But if you want to smoke it, I would wait the 3 days for aging before you wax the bugs in the Fermento with the high temps. An internal of 150 or so should leave the fat pretty intact.
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    Spanish chorizo is actually a drier cured and smoked product, similar to a pepperoni. The chorizo used in Tex Mex and Mexican cooking is a chorizo fresco, a raw sausage mix. Don't ask me how I know...

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