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  1. Hey Everyone - I live in the San Fernando Valley and my choices for wood are limited as far as I can tell. I know we have hickory, hardware store pecan chunks, mesquite and thats about all.

    Where can I find peach, apple, cherry or something other than what's sold everyday. With as much agro as we have growing in CA you would think I could find it easier.

    Any suggestions?


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    I had the same problem when using my offset ECB. I would suggest looking at craigslist. There are a lot of guys that advertise firewood for sale and often times have a good variety. I would give a few of them a  call and see what they have available. It will probably be hit or miss most of the time, but worth a try. I was able to find some good apple wood from a guy in Orange County. He was a landscaper that chopped and dried firewood from all of the trees they cut down. He mainly sells mixed firewood, but separated the good wood (oak, apple, etc). I doubt you will be able to find peach wood as it doesn't really grow locally, but if you do please let me know!!! 
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    If you have a BBQ's Galore nearby they have fruit wood as does Home Depot (at least in San Diego)
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    Here's another choice - no affiliation with me - just someone I know.

    Renea Teasdale

    Office Manager

    The WoodShed

    1015 N. Batavia St

    Orange, CA 92867



    Office: [​IMG]714.771.2626
  6. I have some peach wood, how much do you need?
  7. i have found some nice Cherry chunks at the Home Depot in Thousand Oaks
  8. Shannon;   Drive into OC and go to The Woodshed in orange, they have EVERYTHING! I get all my applewood there. They have a long list and what you would use it for. For example I didn't know what grape wood was used for, (wood fired pizza). They are not open Sunday so check the internet for the hours.

    Happy smoking!      


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