I had to try the tri-tip, Oh boy Howdy!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bubbonehead, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. We had a Birthday party today for two grandsons, one 7 and one 8, both with the same birthday. Works for me, fewer dates for the wife to remember and remind me of. Of course an event of this significance calls for firing up the smoker (it is the weekend after all).

    I set my alarm for 3:00AM which considering it was day light savings time meant very little sleep. Once the smoker was up to temp at 4:00AM the pork butt went on and I laid back down with the alarm set for hourly checks of temperature. A couple hours before the party was to start, the tri-tips went on. I've been wanting to do this since Jeff's last news letter. I was a little late getting my pork shots and ABTs ready. I intended to put them on with the tri-tips but screwed up. Sleep deprivation!


    This is the only shot I got of the butt before pulling it. All of this is a first for me except the butt.





    Kinda wish I had pulled this just a little earlier but still can't complain. Very tasty and juicy. I wrapped up the second one to slice thin later for samiches.


    Bonus shot of the pulled pork. Them other things we'll chalk up to practice. Recipes need refining.

    Anyway, That tri-tip is a cut that will find it's way back on my smoker over and over for sure.
  2. jalan43

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    Everyting looks great Bubbonehead! I relly need tolearn to eat before I get on this site. your food looks so good I can taste it![​IMG]
  3. raptor700

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    Great job, everything looks perfect. [​IMG]
  4. smokinal

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  5. africanmeat

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    Wow it looks yummy nice meal
  6. jimf

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    I like to cut my tri-tip thinner , almost a 8th of an inch if not a little bit thinner. Looks great though
  7. That's my plan with the other one. I wrapped it up straight off the smoker and put it in the beer fridge (way colder than the other fridge). I'm going to put it on the slicer then eat it with mashed taters and brown gravy. Mmmm
  8. Wow, looks great and the sliced tri tip with mashed taters and gravy...Sweet Bliss!
  9. Yep.

  10. placud

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    oh, God... I want this meat now

    Everything [​IMG]

    until my meat doesn't always look so nice and juicy
  11. jrod62

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    Great job Thumbs Up
    we have to make pork shots ever time we smoke now.
  12. I need to find a tri-tip. That looks so good. And I hear so much about them. Do we even have them in NC?

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