Hunt'in Buddies

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    One day two buddies decided to go out Moose hunting in Northern Canada.

    Marcel, a Native from the reserve and Bill a good ole country boy were best buds since school and hunted together for years. They were reminiscing of past hunts and different techniques of hunting and they both agreed that Marcel was a better tracker than Bill and would lead the two when they found the appropriate spot. They drove along in the truck looking at cutlines when Marcel said in his deep voice accentuated by his Native heritige, " looks good."

    They grab their guns and Marcel leads the way down a cutline with Bill taking the rear position, gun in hand and watching like an eagle for any sign of Moose when all of a sudden Marcel throws his hand up and says, "!" and hands his gun to Bill. He gets down on his hands and knee's and turns his head and places his ear to the ground and listens, while Bill is looking upon him curiously.

    Marcel gets up and faces Bill and folds his arms and says, " Moose come!" Now Bill is almost bouncing and looking feaverisly about for Moose but see's nothing and asks Marcel, " What the hell...I don't see any Moose?"

    To that Marcel uncrosses his arms and says while patting his cheek, " Me know ....face sticky!"
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    No thosae guys were lucky !!! Moose wasn't real mad!

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