hamburgers and hot dogs- no q-view :(

Discussion in 'Beef' started by chris_harper, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. chris_harper

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    sorry i didn't get any pics, but i smoked some hamburgers and hot dogs tonight. my wife made up some hamburger patties and set them and a pack of dogs in a casserole dish and asked me to cook them up. i got a fire going (mesquite and pecan). smoked them for a couple of hours, and finished them in the oven. made a batch of wocked beans in the oven too. she made her not-yet-famous fried potatoes. good supper. hamburgers had a nice smoke ring on both sides of the patty. tasted mm mmm good. maybe i will get a pic of one tomorrow, as we have enough left for lunch tomorrow.
  2. deejaydebi

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    Well Chris tell us about these "not-yet-famous fried potatoes." Maybe they're just waiting to be made famous!
  3. chris_harper

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    simple to make. she cuts up the taters, thin slices. seasons them with chili powder, a bit of salt, and some pepper. fries them in oil. i love them. if i cook them, they get a bit more seasoning. just like if i had fixed up the patties, i would have put some of jeff's rub on them.
  4. Great to hear those burgers came out great. I have thought of doing as you have done but have not done it so far. But since i see yours turned out great i'm sure gonna give it a try. If the burgers were made up in a special way would sure like to hear what the recipe is.

  5. chris_harper

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    she put onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and worcestershire sauce in the meat. mixed it all up by hand, and formed into patties.

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