Grandpa's 93rd Birthday/4th of July Party

Discussion in 'Pork' started by undrtakr24, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. undrtakr24

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    Hey everyone, I know how everyone likes Qview so I thought I'd contribute. The first two pics are from last month's pulled pork (ok I know, points deducted for not posting sooner, sorry!), in which the wife said "finally you bought something thats worthwhile" [​IMG]. She and the daughter loved it, So for Grandpa's 93rd Birthday/Forth of July party, in which everyone is to bring a dish, I thought I'd do another butt along with a pork tenderloin (which for some reason was sliced in half) for us at home. So heres what I got so far...been in the smoker 1 hr as of this posting...more qview and updates to come.
  2. undrtakr24

    undrtakr24 Fire Starter

    had one more qview, but uploaded max pics in first post...
  3. supervman

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    Very VERY cool man.
    Wish Gramps a Happy B Day for ALL of us here.
    93, THAT'S pretty cool.
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    Try using an image hosting site such as imageshack or photobucket. You can load any number of pics there and just have to copy and paste the link into the box that pops up when you click the [​IMG] pic that is above the text box.
  5. nick

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    I hope Gramps enjoys his day....he deserves it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMPS! Good luck with the smoke. Everything looks great so far.
  6. undrtakr24

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    pork loins were done around 10:15p (about a 3 1/2 or so smoke) and are pretty tasty...the butt is in the 120's as we speak and lookin good, spritzed with a 2 part apple juice 1 part Capt. Morgan Spiced Rum. Here's some more qview

    Thanks Merch for pointing me in the right direction...much easier then re-sizing every photo.

    Fresh out the smoker:

    Slicing: Can sorta see the smoke ring

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