Graduation Party Pork Loing for Saturday - A few questions

Discussion in 'Pork' started by cudakid67, May 30, 2014.

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    This afternoon I cut 20 10lb pork loins in half, rubbed, wrapped and they are now now comfortably resting in the fridge. I have 4 MES smokers (3 30's and 1 40) set up and ready to go. I plan on starting the first round at noon, figure a few hours for them to get to 140-145, then I will wrap and put them in coolers for a few hours while starting round 2. Party starts at six and we are going to slice them thin for sandwiches and put them in an electric roaster.

    So now my question, if there a simple sauce I could make up to put in the bottom of the roaster to keep things hydrated while they are being warmed in the serving line. I don't really want anything vinegar based, just thinking more of a simple broth or pork au jus. I know i will have some juices as a by product from the smoking process but I'm not sure if if it will be enough to keep liquid in the bottom of the pan.

    Let me know your thoughts or if I am just over thinking things.

    And yes, i will be taking pictures and updating this thread after the fact as this party is for a cousin and is at a different location.
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    A small amount of apple juice will go for quite a while, and doesn't detract from the flavor of the fact it's a nice enhancement. I would recommend apple smoke wood if you have any...pairs nicely with the milder pork loin flavor.

    OK, now I find myself thinking for a solution to the possible food safety issue. Admittedly, you can't smoke them all in one run. If needed, you can place them on their edge and get them to rest that way on the grate. I never tried it with loins, but it works with Boston butts. How about holding the first run at 140*+ in the roaster while foiled? Then slice them all at once and place into the cooker they will be held at temp with for serving...would that be a viable option for you?

    Be sure to check your warmer temps with a probe to be sure what it's holding the loins at.

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    hello fellow iowan i did the same for a grad party too.   8 full length pork loin from the butcher those suckers were 4 feet long.  when i smoked mine they ended up over 165 deg and they were dry,  they werent bad but i needed to be better, i foiled and packed them into a cooler and sliced them in a meat slicer on the spot for sammies,   i knew i overcooked so cook yours to 155 deg then foil and pack in the cooler,  thats what i should have done, like whats said keep them moist and dont over cook by low and slow unless you want jerky,  ive got some picts of that day maby i can find them and post

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