GOSM is flaming out... What to do?

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by aa3nk, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. aa3nk

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    Greetings all! I have visited this site many times over the years and used various recipes and such, it is a treasure of information.

    I am presently in Corpus Christi, TX visiting my brother and was about to smoke a chuck roast on his Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain rig but the flame will not sustain. When the smoker is initially fired up it has a good flame and quickly comes up to 250 degrees but after a time, less than an hour, the flame becomes smaller and eventually goes out all together.

    I took the venturi tube deal, the part that wicks the fuel from the regulator to the burner out and blew it out with pressurized air, thinking that spiders had made nests or some bugs or debris might be blocking the gas flow. But, no luck. There seems to be a regular pattern of this behavior according to my brother.

    What do you all think? There is plenty of gas in the tank. I am beginning to suspect the pressure regulator.

    Thanks for any recommendations you may have or offer. And, if this is in the wrong forum, accept my apology, I did not see anyway to post a message in the section for gas smokers.


  2. walking dude

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    intake airflow?

    sounds like you are choking off the air..........exhuast damper wide open?

    i know......prob. a stupid question.....but one that needs asking......intake open?
  3. i saw your post and I have experienced some of the same problems. The solution (for me) has been to unscrew the regulator from the tank and re-attach. You may have already discovered this however it is worth stating again.

    Good luck on your situation!

  4. ds7662

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    Try that 1st if problem not solved. Replace regulator.
    Defintely a flow problem.
    I would be more inclined to say regualtor though since it functions fine for an hour and then dies out.
  5. kookie

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    I remember reading somewhere on smf about tapping the regulator or something like that....Maybe do a search for it.........
  6. You know I had a similar problem for awhile and finally found that I had to open the flu on top almost 3/4 way (was at 1/4) and then I opened the door on the side of the smoker. (Had screw type-was not enough) I cracked mine appx 1/2" open. Once I did that=no more flame issues! Good luck!
  7. walking dude

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    i have a gasser.......but not a expert with it........but i thought/read here.......that the top flue is opened ALL the way......you control temps with the bottom vents............wether a wood, charchol, gasser.............
  8. Mine is wood w/natural gas. If I open both bottom vents (each end) not enough air-goes dead. Same on side. UNLESS I open top (on mine) like I said 3/4 and crack side open-then it pulls air thru.

    I learned on mine-by having a piece of smoking wood placed inside. Then mess wth all options (vents) and watch the flow. I was smoking-but not cooking due to the smoke sucking all oxygen! Nice comments! Let us know!

  9. do you have a normal flame?? does everything else seem to be ok as far as being able to adjust the flame as usuall?? also do you have another propane bottle laying around?? you might want to try the other tank if you do i have seen the safety valve in the top of the tank malfunction before. may not be it but may be worth a try before you buy a new regulator. if you have a normal flame at start up and to 250 deg with vents open the regulator sounds to me to be ok. i had a tank on my jenn air gas grill that when i got all my burners lit it would shut off.the tank safety valve thought that it was getting a straight dump of gas like a line ruptured . i talked to the people at the propane plant they exchanged the tank and never had any trouble after that it worked fine.

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