GOSM for sale in Canada??????

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by grogger27, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Good Day eh!
    After getting rid of my old smoker and getting tired of trying to run my bbq as a smoker, I've been researching the web for something that would suit me best for now. I've come the conclusion that I'm impressed with the GOSM propane smoker. My newest obstacle comes in the form of shipping accross the border. I've tried Walmart.com but they won't ship to Canada. Does anyone know of a dealer that ships to Canada or is in Canada?
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    BBChevpro came over to visit a week or so ago with the express purpose of buying one. I don't think they are sold there... we went to Bass Pro to get his. Nice unit!
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    Wow... that's a great price even WITH 60 bux shipping. I hear rumors of the things gettin' busted up in shipping tho. It's ain't light enough to warrent gentle handling and it ain't thick enough to take the results.

    Maybe a packaging issue? Chevpro?
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  6. I picked mine up at walmart in Regina a few years back
  7. Hey thanks everyone for your help. The quick responses a person gets here at SMF are really second to none.
    Thank you all for your help
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    I bought mine here in town at Walmart last year.
    It was $189
    Go into Walmart and check it out.
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    Shipping can be an issue with this due to size and weight. I do recall the shipping from Basspro to my door was $53USD. From what I have read from online feedbacks, the units mainly are damaged due to the shipping.
    Hopes this help.

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