First time makin' the bacon

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  1. Hello Folks,

    Following fpnmf's recipe here:

    I went ahead and made my own bacon starting out with 10lbs of pork belly and a 5 gallon frosting bucket that had been repurposed accordingly....

    Labeled and ready to go!

    Used about 2 gallons of "Pop's Brine"

    Rinsed, dried and ready to go into the MES 30"

    I rubbed the meat side down with a little bit of white pepper and garlic powder.

    Stayed in the MES for about 8-9 hours at 110 with Pecan Wood

    Wrapped up in plastic and back into the fridge to chill out.

    Next time around I'm going to borrow my dad's meat slicer, my knife skills need some work!

    Vacuum packed and into the freezer!  Very excited to have so much bacon!

    Not all of it made it to the freezer....this batch made amazing BLTs!

    I have to say I was nervous taking this project on.  That being said, the work was well worth the reward.

    Happy Smokin',

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  2. Hello Brother, Great looking bacon. The stomach doesn't care what they look like. It's all about the taste. You got me wanting to do some bacon. I have never done it before, but you made it look easy.
  3. bearcarver

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    Nice Job, Scotty!!![​IMG]

    Looks Great !![​IMG]---------------------------[​IMG]

    I can't slice Bacon by hand.  Yours looks Fine!!

  4. I can help with the slicing issue..... If you will put it in the freezer for a little while. You don't want to freeze it completely, but about halfway. Then when you take it out it doesn't move around, and with a really sharp knife you can cut more uniform slices. Vacuum seal and return to the freezer.
  5. Ok, you got me wanting to do some bacon, so I called my local meat market here in Southeast Texas. Do you think $3.69 a pound is a good price? What did you pay for yours?
  6. Hey Brother!  I actually wised up half way through slicing and put it in the freezer for an hour.  Made the job a lot easier when it came out.  Very good idea for the future!

    I got pork bellies here in North NJ for $4.19/lb.  I didn't shop around much and the butcher I got it from always has really great quality stuff.  That being said, $3.69 sounds pretty good.  Making your own doesn't save a lot of money, but it's fun and a great reward at the end!!
  7. rexster314

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    I got skinned bellies from Restaurant Depot the other day for 2.06/lb. Their skin on bellies are about 1.60/lb
  8. tropics

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    You need an account to get in their, I wish I still had my account,closed my business and didn't renew
  9. I just found a place here in my area that has pork bellies in a case of 3 for $75. He said they are running 10# 2 12# each
  10. bearcarver

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    Cool---That's about $2.25 LB.

    Great Price!!

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  11. Nice Job, Looks Great   [​IMG]


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