First smoke: St. Louis style ribs and beans with q-view!

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  1. Well,  here is the result of my first smoke. I just got my Camp chef smoke vault 24 last week and couldn't wait to get some meat in it. So Saturday, I trimmed up some spare ribs and made what turned out to be some pretty good que! After reading a bunch of rib threads, I ended up modifying the 3-2-1 to about a 3-1-1.5 to get a bit of tug from the rib. When they were done the meat pulled clean from the bone, but still had a nice firmness to it, just like i'd hoped! Some of these pictures didn't turn out great, my digital camera was dead, so I had to use my phone, but I think they still get the point across!


    Got em all trimmed and covered in mustard, I do recommend Beaver sweet hot mustard for just about everything. I'm not sure if it adds much for the rub, but it has become one of my favorites!


    Got em all rubbed. I didn't have a lot of time to put together my own rub, so I used some Famous Dave's rib rub I had in the cabinet. It's a bit salty (like most commercial rubs) but it still has pretty good flavor.


    just starting my smoke, man I love the smell of mesquite!


    Three hours later, getting into foil,  I didn't add any liquid, hoping the apples add enough by themselves, seems to have worked out.


    When I pulled the ribs to foil, I also pulled out the trimmings and cut them up for some baked beans, they turned out great, I'm not sure if I'll ever use bacon again!


    All trimmed up and ready for the beans!



    The finished beans. One person who tried them said I should name them "better than sex beans" I don't know about that, but they were darn good! I'll have my recipe for those posted below.

    Anyway, back to the ribs!


    Out of the foil, all sauced up (3/1 ratio of Famous dave's rich and sassy/famous daves devils spit) and ready for the final 1.5 hours


    1.5 hours later and they are ready! I did end up with a few "shiners". I think it was caused by the temp fluctuation in the first 3 hours of smoking. we had some spotty spring weather, with unstable wind, and clouds throwing the ambient temp around, throwing my smoker temp between 210 and about 230. Plus, at one point I made the mistake of letting my water pan dry out, and my temp hit a temporary high of 240*.  The meat still turned out great, but I definitely have some refining to do in my temp maintenance.


    Pretty good smoke penetration (though the light and the camera phone make it all look pink) looking a bit dry in this pic, but they were pretty moist.


    Nice clean bone, just like I like!


    Can't wait to do ribs again! I have a 5.5lb butt in the fridge, rubbed and ready to go for tomorrow, I sure hope it turns out as well as these did!

    Heres a link to the bean recipe I use

    Although I modify the ingredient list a bit. (and no, despite what the recipe says, these will not feed up to 18 people!)

    I use

     Rib trimmings (instead of bacon, although I've used bacon, and they are still great!)

     1 medium diced onion

     2 diced green peppers

     2 large cans pork and beans

     1 cup bbq sauce (FD's devils spit gives the beans a bit of kick)

     1/2 cup brown sugar

     1/4 cup cider vinegar

     2 tablespoons Beavers sweet hot mustard

    Being my first smoke, I'm really happy with the results, but if any of you seasoned vets can see anywhere I could improve what I've done, I'd love to hear it!
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    From where I sit, looks pretty damn good lol. As far you mentioning the wind and temp fluxuation, ME I like that part the best. I think the meat takes on a new flava profile when the temps move up and down...Otherwise...Good job....youll love the PP when you do it...

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    Great tutorial and pics. Excellent color!

    Thanks for sharing that bean recipe too. I like the idea of the rib trimmings.
  4. Great looking ribs and beans! The bone looks like mine when I make them. 
  5. Looks awesome!!!
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    Looks Great, going to try that bean recipe. 
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    double post??
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    Ribs looks great Thumbs Up
  9. [​IMG] Very nice job!
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    Looks like you pulled off a great smoke 

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