First "smoke" in my new Weber 22.5 kettle (Qview)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by czechm8, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. So I just purchased my first Weber kettle this week and even ordered my Smokenator last Tuesday.  I had purchased a 3 pound pork shoulder and a 3 pound corn beef brisket that I wanted to smoke on Saturday.  Unfortunately I hadn't received the Smokenator by Friday night so I decided to use the Weber charcoal baskets and a full water pan to try to indirect cook/smoke these two items.

    I used lump charcoal and hickory chunks and just kept tending the grill and adding more hot charcoal as I thought it needed it.  I don't have a good thermometer yet, so it was all on feel on this one.



    Pork shoulder on the left, corned beef brisket on the right.

    About an hour after starting up the grill, my Smokenator arrives on the front porch. Lol.

    After a 5 hour cook:


    After 5 hours the pork shoulder got to 210 degrees internal, while the corned beef brisket got to just about 195 degrees internal.  I wrapped both in foil and put in the oven (not turned on) for about 45 minutes.

    If you notice the pork shoulder had a net wrapped around it. The whole thing almost fell apart just while I was removing the net.


    Then I tried to cut some slices, but mostly it just fell apart.  It was FANTASTIC.


    The corn beef brisket turned out great too.  It was very different, though.... very salty, almost like ham.  I ate some with some Head Country BBQ sauce, but it will be much better on a nice hoagie with some kraut and spicy mustard.



    All in all, it really turned out to be a great experience... even though I really was winging it with the temps and indirect cooking.  I'm ready to fire up the Smokenator next.
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    They sure look good to me.

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  3. That's how I started out too. Corned beef brisket on my Coleman kettle. You gotta start somewhere. As for the saltiness, if you didn't already do so, try soaking the brisket for a few hours and change the water frequently. That'll help

    It all looks good.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice start to a hopefully long relationship with your Weber. 
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    I think they both look great!  [​IMG]
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    Looks like it was a success.

    As cheezeerider said, You can soak the corned beef in water to remove some of the salt.

    And also if you aren't aware of the temps for slicing and pulling they are 195º for slicing and 205º-210º for pulling.

    Great job

  7. Thanks everyone.  I can officially say I am "eaten up" with smoking meats now... lol.  All I can think about is using that smokenator this weekend.  Probably going to do a regular brisket and maybe some ribs.

    And as for the comment about the "relationship" with my new Weber...  That comment made me laugh.

    The night I bought my kettle and got it home... I sat in my living room and put it together and it reminded me of one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.  Robert Duvall in Days of Thunder when he has the car frame and he's circling around it talking to it...

    I was circling my Weber kettle in the living room.... "I'm going to grill steaks, chicken, and even burgers and dogs on you.  Then I'm going to put charcoal baskets in you and cook foods with indirect heat.  I'm even going to put a smokenator on you and it'll make you the most versatile outdoor cooking instrument on the planet."

    Thankfully I was alone or I'd surely be institutionalized by now... [​IMG]
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    Looks good now your hooked
  9. Wait til' the family and friends see you taking pics of your food and prep process. I'm still getting "the look"[​IMG]

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