First grilled pizza on a stone

Discussion in 'Breads' started by smokeburns, Sep 27, 2014.

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    Last weekend I purchased a pizza stone and peel from the world market. And boy what a difference it makes! Used to have to lay my dough on grill,cook one side then flip it and partially cook the other side before adding toppings. A lot of times I would get burnt pizza crust or would stick on the grill. This time using the stone was like night and day, lightly dust the stone with cornmeal and I was in business. I used two splits of hickory and started it with about a half chimney full of royal oak charcoal. And after sliding the pizza on the stone I had added one small chunk of black gum . I figured I would go with a strong smoke considering the pizza is only on for about 10/13 minutes. And the mushrooms and pine nuts were individually smokes on my offset previously before I started topping it. Here are some pics. You may notice on one pic the pizza is bubbling. Never got that effect before I got this stone.
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    Good looking pizza!
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    Looks great! :drool

    Cant wait to make my pizza oven mod for my jumbo mini.
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    What kind of mods would you have to do? I've been thinking about all these bricks I got stacked in my backyard, how easy it would be to build a brick oven for not only pizzas but for breads or baking anything for that matter. I found some pretty elaborate ovens that are way beyond my skill. Level but here is one I found on Pinterest , it's very basic and looks easy to build.

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    Build it and show a whole lot of build it view!
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    Lol most definitely will. Got to thinking though , wont be able to use most of the bricks I already have because I'm going to need fire bricks. Wonder how much those cost?
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    That's how I made the very first ever Mini-ZA!

    I'd like to build a Cob pizza oven but the wife thinks I already have too many other outdoor cooking devices...
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    Ahhhhh your pimp hand needs to be strong on this!! Build an outdoor brick pizza oven!! We have to see it :biggrin:
  10. Thanks for the inspiration! Made up a batch of dough this afternoon and fired up the Vision Pro this evening. I got her up to about 500* and put the lava stone I normally use as a heat deflector on the upper rack. Pizzas came out with a slightly chewy, yet crispy crust. Did pepperoni and mushroom for myself and a veggie for my wife. Put some melted butter, garlic powder and a mix of parmesan and mozzarella on the last one for the kids. All came out great!
  11. Here is a pic of the pepperoni and mushroom. No photographic proof of the others as they disappeared almost immediately!

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    My mouth is watering from reading your posts. lol.  Did you make your own crust or store bought?
  13. Pizzas from the Grill is an every Sunday treat at my house.  I make napoletana dough from scratch and sauce made with Marzano tomatoes.  Some pictures:

  14. I made my own dough. I used the recipe that Chef Jimmy J posted in another thread. The dough came out great. It is only 9:00 in the morning and now MY mouth is starting to water thinking about it. Maybe another batch for dinner tonight?

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