Fan In A Smoker ?

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by lathechips, May 15, 2016.

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    I'm working on building a vertical smoker simular to or even a file cabinet size.  Question is circulating heat & smoke evenly from top to bottom.  Computer fan or fans?  Mount on top or bottom?
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    I have not looked into it lately but I could not find any fans that would operate at temps over 180 to 200°F. Makes it hard to put one in a smoker. The only viable option was installing a through the wall Convection Fan used in ovens. Since I was wanting to add something simple to a MES40 for even heat, I was not going through the trouble...JJ
  3. This may not be what you are looking for but it could work.  Its a fan mounted over the charcoal basket, made and sold by a company called Hunsaker.  I don't want to post an outside link, just google hunsaker vortex smoker, and their website will come up.  Click on bbq shop, and scroll down, near the bottom of the page is what I'm talking about.  It might not suit your needs but it is a fan that operates inside the smoker.  BTW they make one to fit the 22.5" weber smokey mountain too.  Hope this helps.
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    If I were going to add a fan to the inside of my smoker...  I would probably keep it as simple as possible and only put the components that actually HAD to be in the chamber, in there, due to heat , smoke, and kreosote.    In this case - it would be a blade and a shaft...

    The general concept would just involve drilling a hole , adding some sort of heat sink or heat dissipating spacer , and a bearing - then sliding just the blade and fan inside, and turning the shaft externally with whatever method was most appropriate for the application... ( pulley / belt, DC motor, gears , etc ...)
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    I have 3 computer fans in my smoker. One at the bottom and one at each end at the top pointing down. It really helps even the temperature in my smoker. I only use my smoker for sausage and fish so i dont get the temperature over 170° . Anymore than that the computer fans will probably fail.
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