Did I ruin my new Maverick et-732?

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by jdeaston, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Just received a new thermometer. It is my first digital wireless thermometer. Played around with it to get some temps in the house and outside on the deck, seemed accurate.

    So i put both leads in my smoker to see what it read in different locations, lit some coals, direct heat, now the food lead just reads HHH. The smoker lead is working fine. I was testing range of the receiver when it happened, so a flare up could have put it over its limits I suppose.

    Has this happened to anyone? Is there a way to reset it or do i need a new probe? Directions didn't offer any troubleshooting.
  2. michief

    michief Smoke Blower

    The probe may have come loose, make sure it is seated firmly in the sender. If that doesn't fix it turn both units off, then turn on the receiver, then sender and see if that clears it up.

    If not you probably received a bad probe and should contact the place of purchase. IIt doesn't sound like anything you did could have hurt the probe.
  3. It has happened to me. As long as you didn't have the probe or cable directly over flames or coals you should be OK. I ran my cable over the fiery hot coals once and the cable had to be replaced.
  4. bearcarver

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    My exact thoughts!!

  5. Looks like I may have ruined the probe, it was above direct heat. A flare up may have put flame to the thermometer when I had walked away for a couple of minutes. It was my fault, looks like I will have to order a new probe.

    No big deal, but I won't have it for my pork butt tomorrow. Thanks for the help and responses!
  6. michief

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    I ordered several of each kind as backups... I have not had great luck with them, others here use the same probe for years.
  7. dirtsailor2003

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    Did you try that probe again after it cooled down? I've had that reading when my smoker has gone above 400* . Let it cool down, turned off the Mav then back on all was good.
  8. Yea, I let it sit overnight and tried it today. Still just displays HHH. I shouldn't have put it over direct heat. Under normal smoking it will never see those kind of temps, it was just easier to light a couple of coals in the main chamber than to fire up the sfb. But now I know better. I can still use the smoker probe this weekend.

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