Chicken Jerky - didn't turn out too well

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by pitrow, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. pitrow

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    The other day I had some chicken jerky made by Jack Links, chicken fajitas flavor, it was excellent, so I thought I'd try my hand at making some. Well it didn't turn out as good as I hoped, but I'd planned on it being a learning experience from the beginning.

    Anyway, I took four chicken breasts and cut them into approx. 1/2 inch slices and marinated them in a mixture of TenderQuick, Pineapple juice and Teriyaki sauce for 24 hours. Rinsed them in cold water for about 15 minutes, then put them in the smoker at 150 over hickory for about 4 hours. During that time I had a hard time keeping the temperature constant, it would flare up to almost 170 then drop to 130 and back. So much for the "ease" of electric smokers. I think it was due to the chips catching fire, though I can't prove it since I never saw them on fire. I may try it over a water bath next time to try and regulate the temp more.

    Anyway, the jerky wasn't real bad, more salty than I like and you couldn't taste the teriyaki at all, just salt and smoke. I'll use less smoke next time, and I think a stronger mixture of teriyaki, maybe throw a little sugar in too.
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    YOu really don't want a water bath with jerky. The purpouse is to dehydrate the meat, take the water out of it.
    Also you might not use as much of that tender quick, sure that is where the salt taste came from.
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    Never done yardbird jerky. But, when I do beef or venison, I never rinse it. But then again I follow the 1 Tbsp/Lb rule with my TQ. And there's no liquid left after the 24 hours. And keep moisture to a min. Also consider white wine instead of water to make the marinade.

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