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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by scotty, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. scotty

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    The buckboard has just finished its sentence in the brine. I washed, soaked it and froze it for smoking next week when we get back from easter island.

    I used the same goop/brine.cure or whatever it is for a small pork loin we have.
    We will be back in a week so i poked a zillion holes into it and put a small plastic container filled with water on the loin to keep it submerged.

    The treated buckboard was deserving of QVIEW but at 3:30 am i was not in the mood. I will get photos of the items as we are smoking them and when they are done.

    on my usung the same liquid from the buckboard to treat the small loin.

    Wheater it becomes canadian bacon or not. Im really just wondering if continuing to use the liquid is acceptable or dangerous or whatever.
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    Hello there..Don't think we have met before..welcome to the forum...
    This is just my $.03.5 opinion on your question...as with any brine or marinade..do not re-use them for something else...one shot deal...even tho pork is a lot "cleaner " than it was years ago...don't take the risk...and especially with poultry...thats a big never do...
    Now for the second part...you used a certain amount of cure for the weight of the butt you used for the Buckboard...i am making the assumption that it was a butt...you don't say how small the loin is you are using...but lets say the butt was 8#...and now the loin is only 3#...that is way too much cure for that size loin...so I can only envision a very salty loin...Good luck to ya....[​IMG]
  3. scotty

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    I see wgat you mean-- Its a realmall loin that we cut for a 2 person meal.
    I thought that meat can only absorb up to its own limit of liquid. Well it's a tiny one and il leave it. If it comes out poorly, i will give it to the same folks who mooch wine.

    Once in a while i goof on the wine and it has to go somrwhere.[​IMG] .

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