Best Non-mechanical slicer yet!

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  1. While I was in Maine I found a pretty big restaurant supply store right outside of Bar Harbor (I know... who goes on vacation and stops at a restaurant store...).

    I managed to buy a ton of stuff that I always say I need including big stainless mixing bowls (2 - 13 inch $8.95, 2 - 18 inch - $13.95), a couple 18 quart brine buckets with lids, and an awesome stainless spatula. But my absolute favorite buys were 2 knives I got. A 12" slicing knife with a smooth blade and a 12" schmitar. Both are the regular white handle, no name restaurant knives but they are like razors. I sliced some bacon off a slab for breakfast this morning with the slicing knife and I'm pretty sure you could read the newspaper through the slices I was able to get them that thin and perfectly even.

    I can't wait to make another prime rib with these tools. I joked around in Maine that I felt terrible about the prime rib because you eat with eyes first and it looked like I carved it with a chainsaw. The biggest knife in the place was an 8" chef's knife.

    I'm glad there are no restaurant supply stores close to me or I'd probably have a working kitchen in my house....
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  2. ak1

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    It isn't the knife, it's the person weilding it.
  3. Another round of bacon this morning for breakfast.

    The wife is at work so we'll eat thick slices.

  4. smokin phil

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    You need a good quality knife as well.
  5. joe black

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    Why do you like the smooth slicer over the Granton edge?
  6. Although I've only used it twice, it seems to cut better than the Granton edge slicer I have. Both are very sharp, there's just something that makes it work better?

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