BBQ Smoker on Trailer SOLD.

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by deich, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. deich

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    If your gonna Q do it right.

    BBQ smoker trailer for sale. This is a custom built cabinet smoker on a trailer in great shape it is about 2 years old. Original cost was 4,500, it has served me well just moving to a bigger smoker. This smoker will cook 24 briskets, 40 racks or ribs, 30 pork butts, or 100# of chicken leg quarters.

    It will hold temp all day and is very fuel efficient easy to set and forget anywhere from 225*-325*. It is also setup for direct heat grilling on the right side for burgers, dogs, or chicken. There is a propane tank rack on the front for any accessories such as a fryer, steam table, etc.. There is a drain with ball valve for easy cleanout. Trailer has lights for safe and legal towing.

    I am asking 2,000 obo SOOOOOLD

    I don't check here often. Please feel free to text or call. 954-829-125seven

    Smoker is located in Fort Lauderdale. Will meet within reasonable distance.


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  2. Nice Rig 

  3. deich

    deich Newbie

    Thanks Gary.... she makes great smoke.
  4. How much does it hold ?

  5. deich

    deich Newbie

     This smoker will cook 24 briskets, 40 racks or ribs, 30 pork butts, or 100# of chicken leg quarters.
  6. Wow,  That's a nice size smoker

  7. deich

    deich Newbie

    Yeah, it doesn't look like it holds as much as it does.
  8. smokin monkey

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    Hi Deich, good looking smoker. Is it wood fuelled or gas?

    Do you have any problems with grease/residue dripping from the roof, as I have read that flat roof can cause this problem.

    Smokin Monkey �
  9. deich

    deich Newbie

    Thanks Smokin Monkey,

    It is 100% stick/coal... The propane upfront is for accessories such as a fryer or steam table.

    I have not had any issues with grease dripping. The top rack will obviously drip on the lower, all comp Q goes on top.
  10. You have a really nice set up


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