BBQ Sauces from Best BBQ Joints and Comp teams?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by usmckoontz, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. usmckoontz

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    Tired of having to select from the small stores here close to me (Outside of Sweet Baby Rays and a local brand called Swamp Sauce) I am tired of store bought.. So I am diving into getting some sauces from Teams, and Joints around the US to try out :)

    I know making sauces if always fun :) but I would love to try sauces that I would not be able to without traveling.. So I would love some recommendations. Heres what I have on my list so far...

    Dinosaur BBQ

    Oklahoma Joes

    Arthur Bryants

    Any BBQ Joints or Comp teams you recommend I order from? Looking to grab about 10 sauces tonight from the world wide web :)

  2. mdboatbum

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    Carolina pig polish out of Western NC is available on Amazon and is honestly some of the best sauce I've ever tasted. It's sweetened with sorghum and has a somewhat different flavor profile than you'll get anywhere else. I like the original myself, but there is also a hot version and an extra thick version. I should also mention that my brother owns the company, but I'd buy it even if he didn't.
    My other favorite is the Hot Georgia brown from Southern Soul BBQ on St. Simons island, Georgia. (You can order online from their website) All their sauces are good, and my wife is partial to their Carolina Mustard sauce. I should also mention that my other brother....nah just kidding. It's just really good sauce and we've been going there since it was a seafood store.

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