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    For the first time ever on Sunday, I made homemade beans. They turned out pretty darn good, and could be eaten w/o being thrown in the smoker.
    Here's the list of ingredients:

    3 lbs of frozen butter beans
    1 medium yellow onion
    1 pack of bacon
    All ingredients to make my drunken bbq sauce

    Now, onto the process:

    1. Makeup a double batch of my drunken bbq sauce, found here:
    2. Steam up 3 lbs of butter beans until done and dump into a foil pan
    3. Chop up the entire pack of bacon and cook in a large pan until just about done (it will finish in the oven or smoker). Dump bacon on top of the beans.
    4. Dice up the whole onion and sautee until translucent in the bacon grease. Dump the onions and bacon grease into the pan w/ beans and bacon.
    5. Dump all the bbq sauce onto the beans and stir well.
    6. If you do not want to throw them into the smoker, you can throw them into the oven at 250* for 3 hours, stirring every hour. If you do throw them into the smoker, same procedures as the oven.
    7. Eat and enjoy!

    If your beans get done prior to anything else, you can foil the top, wrap in a towel and throw them into a cooler w/ a blanket over top of them. Being in the cooler, I was able to hold them for almost 3 hours yesterday and they were still piping hot when I pulled them out. Also, if you're smoking any meat, place the beans under the meat so they can absorb all the goodiness that should drip off the meat providing a little extra flavor.

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