baby backs for mothers day...w/Q-view

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  1. so as we all know it was mommys day...and i decided to take my beautiful wife out for mothers day lunch with our little snotty 3yr and she decided to eat an establishment that shall go unnamed but is supposed to be awesome according to coworkers and friends....well long story short and over $70 spent, i was FURIOUS!!!..and she was just disappointed....and let down to say the least. and i cant have her feeling like that on her day. so what is a man supposed to do??....???.......ahhh yes, ive just cleaned out the ol smoker and have baby backs on tap!...yes she loves ribs..who doesnt?..?? haha. so hubby to the rescue!!![​IMG].....heres the view...enjoy..we did....FINALLY! [​IMG]

    decided to try some new rubs i picked up the day before.....never had jerk why not...

    loaded up and ready to smoke....the pellet tube is already rollin just moved it to get a "clear" (jerk ribs on the left)

    2hrs in and they get their first spritz(apple juice, apple cider vinegar, water, and whiskey..yes whiskey)

    2.5hrs in and they get a flip up and a rotation...and a spritzing of course...running at 255*

    at 4hrs theyre about ready....(i never foil, as i never have a problem with tenderness..) now the top is gunna suck up the last of that pellet smoke.

    just at 5hrs and theyre for the corn(while these babys rest) that i didnt get any pics of but who needs to see corn??

    first off idk why when i took this pic the rack on the bottom looks dark, its not dark at all. i guess when i focused the camera on the actual rib itself it did that..idk. camera sucky mucho. the meat as i was trying to slice was just falling off with little to no pressure so that actually worked for the kid. but here in this pic im just trying to show the nice ring its got going...hows that song go "if i like then i shoulda put a ring on it??..??" haha..smoke ring tht is![​IMG]

    sorry for the bright pic...but theres the plated outcome. corn, beanys, and the ribs of course...JERK's for me...haha. after this and a couple drinks for the wife, i got the "nice save!" id do anything for my wife, well both my matter how snotty the little 3yr old is...she gets it from her mom..haha! j/k!!! well thanks for looking. hope you guys enjoy, like i said i iknow we did. [​IMG]
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    Looks pretty delicious from here, T&B!  Nice Mother's Day save, my friend!

  3. thanks Red...i knew the BB's would come in handy. lol.

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