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  1. Been a while folks. How has everyone been? I was looking for some help with my team name. I was going to go with smokin jokers BBQ and had a logo figured out and everything, until i did a Google search and found a KCBS team out of st Louis already has it. Since I'm all the way down in southeast Texas, would that be a problem? Especially if i open a small restaurant in the future
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    Since you know there "may" be a conflict....  why not change the name a bit....  Smoke-N-Jokers.... or something similar..
  3. jockaneezer

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    jokin' smokers ?
  4. fwismoker

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    Just add..... Of S.E Texas and be done with it
  5. I am lookin at the teams on the KCBS site and do not see a Smokin Jokers listed. Maybe the team you googled is not an active member any more. I would imagine that when you sign up they won't let you choose a name already used by another current team. I'd call KCBS and ask them.

    But these guys are right^^. Just add "of SE TX". An example is Big Daddy's BBQ and Big Daddy's Bama BBQ. Both are active KCBS teams.
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  6. Thanks everybody. FWI that's actually a good idea. How about Smokin Jokers S.E.Q, for southeast bbq
  7. Google BBQ team name database or listing. You'll find some websites that is supposed to cover all BBQ comp names. There are several websites and I doubt they are all synced together.

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